My new baby

Year end is here, and this is usually the time when I treat myself to something nice. It’s like a congratulations-for-surviving-the-year” gift from me to me 🙂

This year is extra special, because I can finally afford something I’ve been wanting since 2008!

I still thought about it long and hard. Gave myself tonnes of justifications and reasons for purchasing it. I asked for the husbands opinion, my friends, read reviews and heck I even asked my boss if it’s ok for me to make the purchase! (Ey, don’t laugh, he partly approves my bonus so he would know if I can afford to splurge or not)

So after much contemplation and thinking and knocking head on wall, I silently made a decision.

The husband knows me all too well, yesterday night, he said “Let’s go” and took me to One Utama and we headed straight to Mac City 😀

Chemps was staring at a Christmas bauble that she dropped and it was rolling all the way across the shop

Barely 20 minutes in the shop, I was a proud owner of a brand new 11-inch MacBook Air.

My baby, packed and ready to go home with me 😀

 Everyone, please welcome the latest addition to the Doodle family, little miss Bayu!

Feeling very traditional today, heheheh, hair’s up in a bun, donned a baju kurung to work, and named my laptop Bayu 😀

See how thin and sleek she is? My Bayu’s so elegant and chic!

Ok, some of you are already going “Dia kat opis ke tuh?”

Yes yes, I took Bayu to work with me. I can’t bear to leave her at home, too excited, hik.

That’s my office tag you see right there hanging around my neck. So now I’d better stop playing around with Bayu before my boss turns SonGoku on me *grin*


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