Zoo keeper for a day!


Yesterday, my office spent the day out at the zoo! Hoo yeahh! However, it wasn’t just a visit-the-animals session, we were at the zoo as volunteers. That’s right, we became zoo volunteers for the entire day!

We were at the zoo as early as 8 am (although my team arrived slightly late) and divided into teams of five. Each team was then led by a zoo keeper to different animal enclosures!

Following our zoo keepers. Can you spot the super excited me?

My team was assigned to the giraffe and elephant enclosure!! (Notice the many exclamation marks, I swear I was giddy with excitement). I was just a bundle of energy, extremely excited and happy to get to spend a day at the zoo, as a volunteer too!!
You see, I love animals. A lot. A LOT. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to heal sick animals. I wanted to be a zoologist. I wanted to work at the zoo! Obviously none of that came to be. I was crap at biology so I cancelled my plans to be an animal doctor. I mean, I wanted to heal them, not make them worse.
So anyway, getting to be a volunteer at the zoo was like a dream come true for me!! See why I love my job so much? Heheheheheh!
Anyway, the zoo keeper divided our little team into two. Myself and two colleagues were sent to the giraffe enclosure while the rest were sent to play with Dumbo and friends.
We got ourselves a few rake and started clearing up the dried leaves around and outside the giraffe area. My colleague was hauled into the giraffe compound and he had to clear up all the giraffe poop which funnily enough looked and smelled a lot like goat’s poop.
We had to put on wellies, see my dirty yellow ones?
Clean up! Clean up!
After all the hard work of cleaning up was done, we got to feed the giraffes!! It was awesome!! Their tongues were purple and slimy and extremely long. Did you know that a giraffe’s tongue could extend up to 58cm long? Amazing.
Makan time!
Hello! Would you like some of my leaves?
Anyway, there were 5 giraffes there, with two of them being babies (a 7 month old and a 9 month old). The 9 month old baby giraffe was called Beckham, hahahah.. and the 7 month old was kept separated because her mother did not want to care for her well-being so the keepers have to feed her milk from a bottle.
So after feeding and cleaning the giraffes, we spent a bit of time to feed the elephants as well.
Here’s some sugarcane for ya!
All in all, I think our National Zoo is doing quite an okay job in keeping the zoo clean, but they can definitely do much more to make it attractive to tourists.
At the end of the day, I went home tired, exhausted, sticky and stinky but VERY VERY HAPPY 😀
Team elephant and giraffe! Yay!
Side note: Visitors should really behave themselves when visiting the zoo. For god sakes, there were this family (led by the DAD) feeding the elephants marshmallows and teenagers feeding the storks TWISTIES. What’s up with that?? Don’t you understand the sign that says “Don’t feed the animals”? Ugh.


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