Europe Day 5 – City of Bath

The next two days was spent in Bath, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to! Initially we planned to rent a car, actually we already did rent a car, but by the time we reached Bath the car rental office had closed (it was on half day) and they could not reach us to inform that they will be closed. Seeing that the town was rather small and easy enough to get around by foot, we decided to cancel the car and use the buses to get around instead. Best decision ever, walking around Bath City was such an amazing experience.

Walking into town

Beautiful architecture throughout the town

The people were friendly, the scenery and surrounding was beautiful and we just can’t get enough of how lovely the place was! The husband and I even dreamed of moving to Bath after we retire (oh yeah, if you have to dream, dream BIG).

We stayed at YHA Bath, an old mansion that had been turned into a youth hostel. Nothing posh, just basic bunk beds that provide the necessary comfort you need at the end of a tiring day. Oh, we requested a room with adjoined bathroom, so that helped make things easier. Otherwise, you’d have to use the common bathroom that’s shared with the rest of the floor.

Food was not much of an issue; they have quite a number of halal restaurants around town. We ate at a Thai restaurant and an Indian restaurant and the food was great.

Waiting for our lunch at this cosy halal Thai restaurant

My mother, sister and I visited the famous Roman Baths while the husband, my dad and Chemps strolled around outside, visiting the numerous souvenir shops and other attractive stores.

In front of Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey. Can you spot the upside down angel?

The Roman Baths

Whether was good all day through, we could not resist but to chill out for the rest of the day at the park. It was just so nice to sit around on the grass and let my little girl run around to her heart’s desire, snapping pictures of what catches her interest, chasing after pigeons and then forcing them to eat raisins.

Chempedak, Wan, Mommy and Tia

First she snaps Mommy’s picture

Then she snaps pictures of the pretty flowers

Then she asks the nice pigeon to strike a pose

After that she gives up photography and chases after a boy instead

Tired, she rests and enjoys a box of raisins

Which she shares with this happy pigeon

 There was even a brass band playing live music! It was just the perfect setting for quality time with the family.

Such a lovely park, I didn’t want to go home!

As we walked around the city, we noticed that there were a lot of pig statues. Rather peculiar, but later I Googled it up and found out that they were actually from an art exhibition called King Bladud’s Pigs, an event that celebrated Bath, its origins and its artists and provide residents and visitors with artistic enjoyment.

 A picture with the turquoise piggy

Dude, you’re posing with a pig

If I had the time and money, I would definitely go to Bath again, simply to enjoy the elegant and beautiful city that I fell in love with (not the pigs 😛)

Goodbye City of Bath.. I miss you so…

* * * * * * * * * *

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