Chempedak’s art attack

Heellloooowww! I’m baaaaaaack!! Arrived safely in Malaysia (Alhamdulillah) after five fun-filled days in Hong Kong! Exhausted yet happy πŸ˜€ will write more about my Hong Kong trip soon (after I finish my Europe trip posts!)

Anyway, have I ever shared with you my Chempedak’s talent? Yes, my baby’s got talent. She can draw. She knows art.Β  She’s an artist. The next Picasso! (listen to this mother talk, bwahahahah)

When she was one and a half years old, she painted this beautiful piece of art.

Ok, I drew the fish, car, butterfly, heart and flowers but she did the rest!

I made this!

Two weeks ago, one of her art work from school was pasted onto the school’s art-wall for the very first time.

As we were walking towards the lift, she spotted her piece of art on the wall, and gave a little gasp of surprise. She then started jumping up and down, pointing to her art and excitedly telling me “MOMMY!! ICHA UNYE!!! ICHA UNYE!!!” (Translation : Mommy! Alisha punya!! Alisha punya!!)

Pointing to her tree

She was so extremely proud that her art was pinned up on the wall. I, of course, was equally proud of her…. even if her tree was the only one in brown. LOL!


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