My best friend’s wedding

Note : This post has been sitting in my draft folder for so long! I finally got permission to use these pictures so yayy!!

My best friend is married. I now have to share her with a man. *cry*

On the 24th of June, one of my soulmates a.k.a best-friends-forever-till-the-day-we-lose-all-our-teeth-and-die, was married to the one she loves. Azlynn, is more a sister to me than a best friend. We’ve been besties since we were nine. We went to primary school together and when we were split to different schools (they built another primary school in the area), we still spent weekends at each other’s houses. We went to the same high school and faced the crazy bullying, the cat fights and the exam oriented school system together. We went to the same university, and ended up as roommates. We went through numerous hook ups and breakups, and were always each other’s shoulder to cry on.

Finally, she has found the one that promises to bring out the sun, even when dark clouds threaten a heavy storm.

I was so happy when the wedding day came, words could not describe it. Me and our two other besties (Babes and Chick) were there till late night, helping wherever and whenever we could. We were just so happy to be part of this absolutely joyous occasion.

The next day, for the nikah, we were there bright and early too! It wasn’t my wedding but heck I was feeling the jitters as well! Alhamdulillah, all went well.

Yaaayy!! Title changed to Mrs!!

The next day was the reception, I was only supposed to be an usherer but I came for the rehearsal anyway 🙂 Babes was the bridesmaid so most of the time I sat with her to keep her company. It was so surreal watching my best friend that day. It still didn’t sink in that there she was, a beautiful bride. In between rehearsal breaks, I chatted with Babes on how lovely it is that our darling friend is now married to her heart’s true love 🙂 Then came the time for them to rehearse their walk down the aisle.  So everyone involved piled on outside the hall and took their places. I sat inside the hall and watched. One of the performers (an elderly man with superb talent) played Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” on his violin. The lights were dimmed and the bride and groom walked hand in hand into the hall.

Though they were in t-shirt and jeans, and the hall wasn’t even fully decorated yet, both bride and groom were beaming. As I watched my friend steal loving glances at her newly wedded husband, I cried. I couldn’t help it. I’ve seen her go through so much, been there to pick up the broken pieces time and again, and to see her finally find absolute happiness, I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing.

Side note : Dear Azmi, thank you. For being the one to lift her up when she was crumbling down. I know I haven’t been that nice to you but it was only because high school leaves permanent mental scars and I’m very protective of my best friends. So, I apologize for being difficult 😀 Again, thanks, for finding her lost smiles and laughter.

That night, during the wedding reception, she looked more beautiful than ever.

The gorgeous bride, getting ready for her grand entrance

About to enter the hall, and there’s me at the back, trying not to cry again

Love this picture, simply lovely

The crazy lot that crashed the wedding. Ok la we were invited. Not crashers 😀

Congratulations Dillot 🙂 May you be blessed with trains of beautiful children! We love you so much!



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