Chatime with Chempedak

Last Saturday, I tried Chatime for the very first time. I’ve been hearing so much about this bubbletea outlet that I needed to try it for myself. I usually frequent Each-a-cup at 1 Mont Kiara and I find their bubbletea quite delicious so I was wondering how amazing could a cup of bubbletea get? So that fine and hot Saturday afternoon, we headed off to Chatime at Uptown.

We got to the shop and I was a little surprised to see that there was a queue at the entrance. Wow, all these people are here for bubble tea? Amazing. Thankfully there were many seats available inside. Most people got theirs to go. The interior of Chatime was very cozy indeed. Perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon chatting away with friends of family.

Always mimicking her Tia

I just looooove quality time with my Chemps πŸ™‚

My sister and I got up to order ours first and left the Chempedak with her Daddy at the table. We joined the queue and after contemplating for Β awhile I decided to get one from the Evergetic Healthy Juice category since I was sure the Chemps would want to hijack mine, and I very well can’t be giving her tea. So I settled with Superior Pure Cocoa. My sister ordered Caramel Milk Tea.

After ordering, we got our number and waited for our drinks. Superb service I must say. Though there were so many in line, we got our drinks in less than 10 minutes.

I tried a sip of mine and yes, I must agree, it tasted great! I wouldn’t say spectacular beyond cosmic flavours enough to outdo the rest of the world’s bubble teas, but indeed it was delicious. Its pearls were chewy yet tasty πŸ™‚

My little Chempedak was excited from the time she saw her aunt carrying the cups back to the table. She just couldn’t wait to try whatever we were having. So I passed the cup to her and let her indulge πŸ˜€

Let’s see…what does this taste like

MmmMMmmmMm!! Jelly!!

Thumbs up! Thumbs up!

AAaaa… can you see the pearl bubbles in my mouth?

The husband came back with his cup of milk tea and happily shared that he ordered the Pearl Milk Tea. He wasn’t feeling adventurous so he settled with the plain one, which he seemed to enjoy. My sister’s Caramel Milk Tea on the other hand tasted a bit weird. It tasted like diluted tea biscuits. Definitely going to stay away from that flavour the next time we visit.

All in all, Chatime was an interesting experience. I wouldn’t mind going back just to spend time at it’s cozy little shop but I don’t think I’d cross waters just to get their bubble tea. Each-a-cup will do just fine, plus, they’re closer to home πŸ™‚

Bubbletea overload *pengsan*


  1. Hey TwiggyLiyana!

    Love your blog babe. My friends will tell you that I so love anything polka dots. You had me at your template! *cheesy, I know*

    I’m also an Each-a-cup fan! Haven’t join the Chatime bandwagon tho’ I’ve been hearing rave reviews. Maybe I should drop by since they’ve just opened one near my place!

  2. Hye liyana, thank you for your comment..Keep on blogging..I do really love your template. its polka dot pink in colour. so cute. I followed u. do follow me too. Thank you! Love~~!

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