A cozy bridal shower

I’m actually waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. The husband is hogging the shower, so I figured I might as well throw in this little post 🙂

Last weekend, my close friends and I gathered at Citta Mall for the bridal shower of Adilah, the darling of the group. If you knew her as well as we do, you’d also agree that she’s the darling of your circle of friends too, hehehhe. One of the sweetest, kindest, cutest, funniest and most amazing person you’ll ever meet (with a naughty little streak in her too).


We didn’t stage an over-the-top bachelorette party, but instead opted for a cozy dinner. We had to move our venue from Chilli’s to Meatworks, but I think that was a blessing in disguise. Meatworks was definitely a better venue, Chilli’s was too crowded.

We ate, chatted, laughed and took pictures the entire night, enjoy every moment with Adilah before she becomes someone’s life partner.

Today, in a few hours time from now, is her solemnization ceremony. May Allah bless this joyous and meaningful occasion and let everything run smoothly, Insya Allah.

Adilah babe!! We’re all so happy for you!!! 😀

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