Chempedak goes to the movies!

Yesterday, we took the Chempedak to her very first full length movie! The three of us, along with my nephew and niece went to watch Puss in Boots at GSC, One Utama.

I was so psyched about taking Alisha to her very first movie outing that nothing would’ve dampened my day. Just as I got home, I had to move my car to a different parking spot, but my car wouldn’t start. I just shrugged it off and said I’ll deal with it tomorrow πŸ˜€

Our movie was at 8.30 pm, so straight after work, we drove home, changed, I made sure the kids had their dinner and off we went! Alisha was so excited, she insisted on wearing her hooded sweater from home!

We arrived in good time, so I got the kids some pop corn and drinks first. As we were waiting for our snacks, the husband was explaining to Alisha that we’re going to go watch a movie, and she has to keep quiet in the cinema. The Chempedak just nodded away, so we happily assumed she understood.

Chempedak queuing for popcorn with her cousins

Why hello there, are you off to see the movies too?

You seem to be missing something though…

You need tickets! I’ve got them right here!

Tickets? Check! Drinks? Check! Popcorn? Check!
Let’s watch Puss in Boots!!

We got into the cinema, took our seats and as the advertisements started rolling, the Chempedak started talking in her usual loud excited chatter. Dengar suara dia jek kat dalam panggung tuh. We had to remind her that she has to be quiet in the cinema, and only whisper if she has things to say. Thank God she zipped it! She then proceeded to comment on anything in tiny whispers, she even leaned over to whisper stuff to her cousins, hahahah..

Chempedak enjoying her movie

Puss in Boots was a really good movie! Though they’ve changed my initial outlook on nursery rhyme characters (uh oh), I still enjoyed it πŸ˜€

I thought Alisha would be taken by the two main feline characters in the movie (Puss and Kitty) but she was more into Humpty Dumpty, hahahahah. She expressed utmost concern when Humpty went missing (whoops, spoiler alert!) and laughed at his many antiques.

She managed to keep still and concentrate throughout the entire movie, except certain parts when there was too much talking going on, she got a bit bored and started to get a bit fidgety. When the action was back on, she settled down and concentrated on the movie again πŸ™‚

When the movie was over, she cheered and clapped her hands and said “Dah abeesss”.

All in all, the Chempedak totally enjoyed her first movie outing! Next movie, Happy Feet 2!!!


  1. Comeellllllllnya Alisha, siap whispering in the cinema..hehe…Kami x pernah bawa Maryam to the cinema lagi. Not sure whether she can behave well like Alisha =)

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