Police outrider called me stupid

Seriously. He did. I’m not joking.

It happened on 19th November 2011, at around 11.15pm.

The husband and I were on our way home after attending a dinner function. We were enjoying a nice drive home in my trusty blue Honda, recapping the day’s events. A light drizzle was accompanying our journey home.

We were driving along Jalan Duta, just after the Istana Negara, on the outer right lane, heading towards TTDI. Suddenly we heard a siren wailing from behind us. A quick check behind confirms that it was a police outrider, obviously escorting a VIP vehicle. So naturally, the husband slowed down, moved the car to the left lane behind another moving car, making way for the VIP.

Then, we heard the outrider honking away and we saw him waving his hand at us as if asking us to stop the car. He was shouting something but it wasn’t really audible from inside the car. A bit puzzled, the husband slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road. Mind you, there were other cars on the road, hence it was already quite dangerous for us to stop in the middle of the road like that. But since we were motioned to, we did.

Still, the outrider was honking at us. Now, he was swerving his huge motorcycle to the outer left lane. Waving frantically and shouting at us. We were seriously confused now! What the heck is he trying to do? What were WE supposed to do? The VIP car had already passed us, why was he yelling?

Assuming that he wanted us to stop the car by the side of the road, the husband slowly drove the car to the outer left lane. Once again people, mind you that it’s raining, and there were other cars on the road, hence we couldn’t just swerve to the left. As we made our way, the outrider pinned our car by the driver’s side.

The husband opened the window and asked what was wrong.

And that’s when we were met with the most ridiculously rude police officer, EVER.

“Lain kali berhenti la bagi VIP lalu!!! Aku lempang kang! Bodoh!! Stupid!!”

Then he swung his arm as if he wanted to smack the husband but landed his fist on my side view mirror and banged it several times. Then he sped away to catch up with the VIP vehicle.

We were stunned. WHAT. WAS. THAT??

How dare he throw a physical threat our way! Who in the world gave him the right to yell at us and call us stupid?? What more in two languages?! What pissed me off more was the fact that HE BANGED ON MY CAR!!!

He was acting like an absolute road bully!

We couldn’t understand why he acted the way he did. The road was about four lanes wide, and we made way for the VIP car, we slowed the car down heck we even stopped in the middle of the road! The VIP car had an entire lane to speed on and there were other cars moving on the road as well but why did he pick on us? Even after the VIP had passed by, he still motioned us to stop by the road forcing us to make way across other moving cars. In the rain, at night, with the road wet and slippery.

If it was true that we were obstructing the way of his previous VIP then pull out a ticket and fine us! Who the heck did he think he was yelling remarks like that??

As shocked and angry as we were, I instinctively memorized his motorcycle plate number as he rode off.

The way he yelled and banged on the car was definitely uncalled for. The moment we got home, the husband texted his Traffic Police counterparts to ask on how to lodge a report against this unacceptable behaviour.

Yesterday, the husband lodged an official police report at the TTDI police station.

It’s officers like that road bully that give the Malaysian Police Force a bad name. Just earlier that day we were saying good things about the traffic police as we saw them working on a weekend, around The Curve area then this happens and it totally taints our impression of them.

We are not going to let this go easily. We are all out to find out his name and rank and when we do, he’d better think fast and apologize to us personally. I’m not accepting any written apology nonsense. You dare yell at us in our faces, well man up and apologise to us face-to-face.


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  1. The Msian traffic police have never come across as good people or model citizens to me so this doesn’t really seem like a surprise.. In my numerous encounters with them I have not ONCE in the 26 years I’ve lived come across a good traffic police officer. On the road they are menaces – frequently tail gating and stopping vehicles at precarious spots such as in your instance “the middle of the road” or a sharp corner. I’ve witnessed bribery initiated by the police officer time time again. They’re just generally bad people and this is the impression they set everyday. Well for me at least.

    I’d bring this issue up with the international press if I were you.

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