Europe Day 1 – Hellooo Manchester!

After about half day’s flight from KL to Manchester (with around an hour stop-over at Doha), we reached Manchester at around 7.20am. We collected our luggage and looked around for the Europcar office to collect our rented car. See, prior to coming to Manchester, I arranged for a car for us to get around Manchester and Lancaster. We figured it would be easier to get around with our own transportation rather than searching around for public transportation. Especially in Lancaster, we didn’t want to be rushing for transportation on the day of my sister’s graduation. Apart from booking the car, the husband also installed UK maps into his GPS so we could avoid sesat-tak-jumpa-jalan episodes. Costed around RM150 at the Garmin Concept Centre, Digital Mall and definitely worth every penny!

After asking around for a bit, we finally found ourselves at the Europcar office.

As we were waiting for the keys to our car, guess who arrived? My SISTER!! Along with my cousin and his family!! Yaaayyyy!!! It was a happy little reunion for all 😀

After a bit of a wait, we were finally handed our car keys along with a baby car seat for Alisha. We were given a Ford Galaxy (we requested for a 7-seater) and thank god it was spacious and comfortable! Alisha was kind of upset that she still had to be in a car seat, but after a few rounds of convincing, she finally gave in and sat in her seat quietly.

Oh, I forgot to mention about the weather! Now, it’s supposed to be summer, right? So here we are expecting blue skies and sunny weather but homaigaawwddd… it was super cold!!! It was windy and cloudy and drizzling and COLD!! Did I meantion it was cold?? Hahahaha! So much for summer!

First stop was my cousin’s house. We were treated to his wife’s home made nasi lemak and I must say, she made a killer nasi lemak! I had like three helpings of nasi lemak with fried chicken and sambal! Dah tak pedulik orang dah. Serious sedap boleh bukak kedai. I can see it now… Hidayah’s Nasi Lemak Corner. LOL.

After chilling at their crib for a bit, we loaded my sister’s luggage into the car and set off for our accommodation. We stayed at the Travelodge Manchester Trafford Park Hotel and if you’re on a budget but want a comfortable place to stay, I’d highly recommend you to look up a Travelodge (they have a hotel almost everywhere in the UK).

Travelodge Trafford Park

The room’s spacious, comfy and not too pricey. Oh, and when travelling, always opt for breakfast with your stay, whenever possible. At Travelodge, they had these awesome Breakfast bags which they would send to your room every morning. Each person would get a bag consisting of a cereal pot and milk, a muffin, croissant, jam portion and a fruit juice. Definitely a yummy filling breakfast portion if you ask me!

Travelodge breakfast bag

After checking in to our rooms, we freshened ourselves up a bit and headed off to the Trafford Centre which is about five minutes drive from our hotel. The Trafford Centre is one heck of a shopping centre! It’s huge and has lovely interiors not to mention the shops are wicked as well 😉 You can find Halal food here and if you need to pray, there’s even a surau available for the Muslims. Nice ey?

With the singing quartet 😀

Their food court is like the inside of a cruise ship! Way cool!

Am I outside? Nope! Still in the mall! 😀

I did not shop here. Impossible to believe. I know.

Eee… Chempedak… buat ape tu….

The husband and I didn’t really spend much time there. After walking around for a bit, we left the Chempedak with her gramps and aunt and we headed off to Old Trafford!! It goes without saying that the husband is a die-hard Manchester United fan, so he was giddy with excitement as we made our way to the stadium.

We took loads of pictures there and the husband was extremely happy that he has finally touched the green grass of Old Trafford Stadium! We did browse the Manchester United Megastore but their merchandise was a bit expensive. We didn’t leave empty-handed though! We each got a certificate to mark our completion of the stadium tour and the husband got himself an official face towel 😀 sure beats a key chain if you ask me.

Old Trafford!

Can we sell this on ebay?

Someday I will play on this field…..

Aaaa!! Baju Park Ji-Sung!!

We made it! 😀

My certificate 🙂

That night, we were so exhausted that we didn’t even have the energy to go out for dinner. My parents and sister brought back Chinese take-away for us which was absolutely delicious, and with huge portion as well! The rice was really packed into the take-away box and it was just warm and yummy.

After waking up for our midnight meal, we collapsed onto the bed and fell fast asleep with the little Chempedak snuggled in between us 🙂

Chempedak golek in her pink pair of “sock bear bear” as she calls them

* * * * * * * * * *

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