Me and my new plastic friends


I HAVE CREDIT CARDS!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Heheheh, ok it might not be a big deal to many of you but as I have mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been trying to get one for years! And about a few weeks ago, HSBC gave me my very first two cards! To add cherry to the icing, they then upgraded my Gold to a Platinum! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!! I love you HSBC!! I will be loyal to you forever and ever and ever!!

A week later, Maybank calls me and gives me another two cards!!

Don’t worry folks, I won’t be going on any wild shopping spree with my cards. My job revolves around advising people on proper money management, so I think I have that part pretty much covered 😉

Currently I’m just whooping with joy with my new plastics. This is going to make business purchases a whole lot easier. Alhamdulillah!

Till then, constant reminders to self on paying my bills IN FULL! 😀


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