Blogging anew

Helloo my Doodlers!

Welcome to Doodles of My Mind on WordPress! 😀

The old DoMM on Blogspot is now no longer available for public viewing but fret not, I’ve moved everything from there… here! So to all you Doodlers who would like to refer to my previous posts, you can still do so at this site.

If you are wondering why I moved to WordPress, well I like the fact that it has more privacy options, is neater and less open to spam and things like that. Some anonymous people have taken it onto themselves as their “responsibility and right” to complain about some of my posts to “the elders”. I find this highly annoying. For God’s sake this is my blog, a place where I share, vent and let off steam. Excuse me for being human. Seriously if you have things to say, go get your own blog. Tattle-tales, bluergh.

Hence, I didn’t announce the move of my blog because I wanted to leave these tattle-tale readers behind.

So from now on, I’m on WordPress. A place where I can still vent but keep the visibility of my frustrations within a close circle. Hah. Take that you blabber-mouths.

I would like to thank my darling Doodlers who were concerned with my well-being when they could not access my page. I heart you!

Lots of hugs,


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