Adinda Evans.. leave her alone lah

So the entire country have their panties twisted over the confession that young Nadia Eliza a.k.a Adinda Evans made on her blog some time end of last year. For those of you who happen to be missing out, here’s a little excerpt of what she wrote that caused the recent uproar:

“ni lagi 1 punyaa hal . aku tau dlm dunia ni tak ramai ponpuan ada DARA. skrg susa nk dpt girl yg ade dara . aku kesah ape org nk pggil aku bohsia ? lau kau mara org pggil kau bohsia , means betol la yg kau tu bohsia . sedar sedar la weh .. jgn ingat dlm dunia ni aku srg je tade dara ! pkir sbelum ckp . YEAHH . aku jujor la dgn korang , AKU DA PERNAH MAEN ! puas ? ade ke org nak mngaku mcm ni ? takkan punya .. bia org nak pandang hina kat kita . asalkan kita adeMARUAH DIRI ! thankyou :) ”

Ok, so she’s not a virgin. While I do not agree with her code of conduct and her misdemeanor (young lady, when you nonchalantly tell the world you’re not a virgin, you pretty much threw out your maruah diri lah ok), I am even more disgusted with the way the entire country reacted.

First of all, print media. For god’s sake you people should have your licenses revoked. How can you take something off the internet, off someone’s blog and call it news?? Don’t you people have pride in what you do? Editors, isn’t it your job to make sure that legit information gets passed on to the nation so that we have a country of well informed citizens? Today, you used the grammatically-horrible words of a fourteen year old to sell your paper. Congratulations. I suppose you feel like you deserve an award now for ruining a teenager’s life.

Secondly, bloggers and net users who have made it their mission to trash Adinda Evans. Come on lah people. She’s just a kid. She’s fifteen. Have you forgotten what it was like when you were fifteen? True that she made an extremely huge mistake of effing with some guy (who if is of a certain age, stands to be arrested for child rape), but that’s what SHE said. We don’t even know if it’s actually true. She’s a teenager, with raging hormones, in search of an identity, and trying to fit in with a crowd that she thinks is cool. Although she seems to be lacking the right guidance as to what is right and wrong, and what is cool and not (befriending absolute strangers, not cool), she doesn’t seem like a blondie either. The Internet is a blanketed stage and people let their alter egos run wild. Who are we to judge her when we hardly know who she is?

All I’m saying is, life is difficult enough as a teenager having to face school (bullies, teachers, exams, pimples etc) and now she has to face the wrath of the entire nation simply because of her childish rants on the web. I say enough is enough. What’s the use of putting up facebook pages about her mistake? Things that happen to you during your teenage years will haunt you till the day you die. Unfortunately for her, this ghost she brought onto herself is going to be hanging around for a very long time. When the time comes, she’ll learn to regret what she did. I believe it’s time for her parents to step in now… and fix what’s not right.

And err.. Adinda Evans dear, your recent angry rants on your blog isn’t helping you gain the popularity votes either. You might want to tone it down a bit 🙂


  1. lady gugu, I do agree with your points. Heck, if she was my sibling, I'd give her a smack or two just to knock some sense into her head as well, lol! And as for that entry serang balas, clearly shows her immaturity. kesian lah kan, she's gonna look back some day and think to herself, “what the heck was I thinking”

  2. I agree with some of your point..but even though she's 14, thats not mean she can do that..aku pernah jugak jadi remaja 14 tahun, tp xterfikir pon nk buat semua benda tuh..dh boleh fikir baik buruk.
    And even dia tau dia buat salah besar,dia still react like she never done anything wrong..siap buat entry serang balas lg..itu yg rasa macam…haishhh..(speechless)
    well,i don't know about you or others, tapi kalau dia adik aku, kurang2 pn aku akan bg lempang sedas dua.
    Just my opinion, no offence 🙂

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