I’m all STAGE-d up!

Last week, two of my friends went out on a make-up shopping spree during lunch hour and I decided to tag along. We went to Stage and I had so much fun! I tried and tested several lipsticks and realized that I tend to pick up the more natural shaded lipsticks. I wanted to buy them but as I thought about it, I remembered that I had pretty much the same shades at home so I scrapped the idea.

As I was browsing, a makcik who seemed to be in an absolute rush just pushed her way in front of me and started grabbing some lipsticks from the tester tray while loudly talking over her mobile. She kind of got a little bit annoying so I moved on to the eye-shadow counter. I picked up a glittery deep blue shade, lightly patted my ring-finger on it and brushed it over my right eyelid. I didn’t realize the powder was so fine that a lot more than I expected stuck on to my finger, thus resulting in a large smear over my eyelid. My frantic wiping with my other clean fingers just smudged it even more. I ended up looking like someone who just got out of a boxing ring with an awful black eye. LOL. I managed to clean it up with tissue after several rigorous wipes.

The makcik left soon after so I went back to testing other lipstick colours. I got a wonderful surprise as I found a shade that is almost exactly the same as my favourite Dior Addict lipstick that the husband bought for me four years ago! I’ve used up my Dior and unfortunately they don’t have that colour anymore (according to the Dior counters that I’ve visited, boohoo).

Sidetrack : just saw Kate Moss in the new Dior Addict mini movie. Damn she’s hot.

To cut things short, I ended up with two lipsticks and a gloss, all in eye-popping bright colours (thanks to the encouragement of my friends, heheheh).

I love them all!! I should have bought more. Ugh. Listen to the shopaholic in me talk.

Must. Save. Money. LOL!
Update : I went back again two days later, took mom this time as she wanted some stuff as well. This was our hoard for the day, heheheh… ok.. I think I’ve done enough make-up shopping to last me for the next three years.

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