The world’s prince charming

When I was younger (think teenage years), we often asked or were asked the question of who was our ideal guy. Who do we want to marry, if we could choose? Almost everyone I knew has at least once mentioned Prince William. He’s in every girl’s wish list. Some even go as far as to ask Santa. I was among those hopeful little lasses, who would dream about the handsome young prince 🙂

This Friday, our darling Prince William is to wed his gorgeous sweetheart, Miss Catherine Middleton. When I heard news that they were to be wed this year, I was ecstatic!! They truly look like they were made for each other. Kate Middleton is oh-so-lucky to have won the heart of Prince William, and I believe Prince William is even luckier to have won the heart of the beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent and lovely, Kate 🙂

When he proposed, he gave her his late mother’s engagement ring… and with that… I believe he gave her his life and soul. It was just the most romantic and sweetest thing he could do (also the fact that the ring is sooooooooo gorgeous lah kan!). Word is that William’s the utter romantic and simply loves to shower her with gifts (*squeal!!*). How lucky can a girl be!?!?

I love being romanced! Getting tiny gifts for no reason, surprised by little bouquets of flowers sent to work, being left little notes of love when you least expect it, being whispered compliments on how you look. Little things like that sends the heart racing and leaves a warm fuzzy feeling throughout your day. Doesn’t matter how awful a day you’re having… it’s always nice 🙂 I’m lucky enough that (once in a while) my husband actually does all of the above *swoon*

Here’s to the lovely couple… may the wedding of the century go on smoothly. Can’t wait!!


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