Maher Zain’s little fan

Maher Zain’s really something isn’t he? I do believe he’s one of the very few Muslim artistes out there with a worldwide fan base. Amazing.

Personally, I feel that his music is ok. Not superb, but definitely among the top ranks of those singing praises to Allah. The husband and I are on the same page. We think that his music has got a certain Backstreet Boys feel to it (very much like the Black and Blue album). Don’t get us wrong, that’s a compliment as we’re both BSB fans, hehehehe 😀

Alisha on the other hand, is a fan for sure. Whenever we play Maher Zain’s tracks in the car, she’d sing along (in her own babbles and hums) and if she was crying, she’d stop. Seriously. We’re so happy, it’s our “make-Alisha-stop-crying” cd now.

Check out this short clip of her singing along in her car seat during one of our little outings.

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