My Little Fasionista

Alisha loves dressing up. Give her a pretty little dress and she’d be beaming from ear to ear. She loves her little accessories too! From her tiny hair-clips to her ruffled socks.

Her absolute favourite? Her handbags. Yes my dear Doodlers, my little one already has her own collection of bags *grin* Her most recent addition is a white and yellow striped handbag given by her Wan.


Whenever we’re all ready to go out, she’d be looking around for her little yellow bag going “Beg? Beg?”

Then she’d put some stuff in (most of the time I put her drinking bottle in) and she’s ready for her outing!

If you think she just drags the bag around, then you’re mighty wrong my friends! Oh nooo.. this little Chempedak knows her style. She doesn’t drag it around, nor does she drape it over her shoulder like Mommy. 

Alisha does it Posh-style. 
Check out the ‘V’ hand pose!
Ahh yes… Victoria Beckham would be so proud, lol!


  1. quiyah : heheh..tak tahan kan? lol!

    lina : awww! our little alishas, hihi!

    khemy : wowowo… sounds like a handful..heheh..

    E'n1x : lol, mine has not discovered backpacks yet!

    lmk : aunty, alisha kata pinjam takleh, trade boleh, hahahah

    anita : ha aaaahhh!! rugiiii!

    mrs amie : high five Qaira!

    iza : awww, thanks iza! welcome to my little Doodle space! 😀

  2. hi sis 🙂
    been reading your blog silently for all diz while 🙂
    skang tak sanggup nak bace senyap2 lagi…nak cakap yang cik cempedak ni sangat chomel & stylo!
    geram gler tengok dia 🙂

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