Mac n Cheese!

Since the fish fingers turned out to be quite a surprising success, I decided to try another simple recipe of one of my favourite dishes. Got the recipe off the net, but here’s my version of the super simple but yummy-licious Mac & Cheese!

Here’s what you need:

1 and a half cups Macaroni
1 can cream of mushroom
2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
Fresh milk

Here’s what you do:

Preheat your oven to 170˚ C.

Boil your macaroni in a pot of salted water until it’s al dente (soft not mushy).

Meanwhile, grate your block of cheddar cheese. If you’re lazy, go ahead and buy the pre-packed shredded cheddar from your local grocer 🙂

Once your macaroni is done (around 5-10 minutes), drain it and set aside.

Next, mix the whole can of cream of mushroom and the cheese in a bowl.

Measure 1 can of fresh milk (use the empty mushroom soup can), mix it into your bowl of soup and cheese.

Pour in your pasta, mix well and dump the entire thing into a casserole dish and cover.

Pop it into the oven for around 1-hour and wait for your gloriously delicious Mac & Cheese!

Pop it into the oven and wait… 

…after an hour, it’s ready to eat!!

Initially, I was quite worried about the taste but my dad and the husband wiped it clean 😀 I was quite pleased with it myself. The Chempedak however, was not a fan, probably a bit too salty to her liking.


  1. mawar : try try! lemme know how it turns out 😉

    anis : uuu, chopped broccoli, noted! Cream? What cream do you use?

    rhino : TRY!!!

    E'n1x : 😀 cheese sedaaapp.. heheh.. the chempedak is a huge fan of cheese

  2. i usually add chopped broccoli in teagy's mac n cheese so its abit sweet.
    also instead of mushroom soup, i mix milk and cream. so it's not that salty

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