Feel the Chempedak beat

Last December (hoo yes, this is a lagged post), my group of friends got together to have a year end dinner at one of our houses. See, we have a “monthly-dinner” group where we try to make it a point to get together and makan-makan every other month or so. It was a cosy little get together, with lots of fun, laughter and of course, food!

Monthly dinner gang 😀

We did a little pot luck thingy and managed to not trash Zul’s kitchen, much to his mother’s relief.

The little Chempedak came along, of course, and she had her good friend Zariff there as well 😀

Alisha, Pak Chu and Zariff

See how Pak Chu manages both babies as their parents makan!

As all the boring old people sat around and stuffed their bellies and talked nonsense, Alisha explored the make-shift jamming studio that her Uncle Zul had graciously let her step into. She was ecstatic!!

First she tried her hands on the electrical organ. After stabbing her little fingers onto the keys, she didn’t really find it all that great and kept eyeing the drum set that Zariff was pounding on.

Testing out the musical keyboard

So when Zariff got tired of the drums, we let Alisha have a go! I think she found her true calling that day, hahahahah! Remember how I wrote about her imitated a drummer during dinner one night? She was stupendous on the real thing!!! (ok Mommy exaggeration mode on)

Uuu… drum sticks!
Tooshie in position…
…and go!! Yeah yeah!!

Check out this little video of Alisha on the drums! 😀

Tia, we’re gonna make full use of your drum set now!


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