Taking the Chill Pill

How ya’ doin’ my dear Doodlers? I, unfortunately, have been hit hard by the flu bug that’s currently flying around town. Actually, I’ve been sick since two weeks ago but the little Chempedak was ill too (I caught the bug from her) and there was just so much going on at work that I pretty much psyched myself into thinking that I wasn’t really that sick.

On Monday, I guess my body had pretty much had it and threatened to launch into hibernation mode on its own. My colleague drove me to the nearest panel clinic, and I finally consulted a doctor to help fix my declining health.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have been trying to nurse myself back to health. I took my daily doses of pure honey, drank lots of plain water and stayed away from all the greasy food and icy drinks. Obviously that didn’t help. I was getting fevers on and off, nose clogged up so much that my head felt like it was about to fall off every time I leaned over, and coughing so hard that my chest hurts each time I let out a bark. Oh, and not to mention, phlegm that would make you think I had the Hulk for breakfast (eww, I know).

So I met up with this very nice doctor who checked my vitals and asked me some general questions and jotted down important notes on her little pad. Then she told me that she was taking me off work for the next two days.

“You’re giving me MC?”


“But I have so much work to do”

“Please stop infecting everyone”

That did the trick. It also reminded me that I should not be selfish. Taking medical leave is not just for me to recover, it is also to keep my germs away from the healthy people at work. Although unfortunately I think I have infected the team already *sorry guys*

For two whole days all I did was send baby to school, eat breakfast, eat meds, sleep, eat lunch, eat meds, sleep, pick up baby from school, eat dinner, eat meds, sleep. The husband took over with baby duties during the evening. I’m so lucky to have such a hands-on husband. I love you sayang!!!

Alhamdulillah, two days of much needed rest and medication has restored me back to health. Well, I’ve not completely recovered but at least I feel loads better!! Thanks to the overdose of sleep and clockwork rounds of medication (Prospan, Zyrtec, Zinnat and the good ol’ Panadol Actifast) and several sinus steaming sessions.

Cover your head over a pot of steaming hot water, it definitely helps unclog your sinuses!
The husband woke up sneezing away this morning, so I made sure he took his supply of Zyrtec and Panadol along with him.

Any of you Doodlers affected by the flu bug? I hope not, but if you are, get well soon!!

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