This post has nothing to do with goats

Helloooowwww Doodlers!! Oh My Goat I can’t believe I have not updated my little Doodle space for two whole months!!

How have you been? I hope everyone has been on the up and up and that 2011 is treating you well so far J I’ve missed all of you so much!! I must find time to blog hop and see how everyone is doing *mental note : slot in time to boing boing around*

I’ve been soooooooo occupied with sooooooooooo many things.

First there’s family, of course 🙂 My mini family have been on tiny trips here and there, enjoying the little pleasures of life. Chempedak is now a toddler of full character, cheeky and cute and full of mischief. The husband is back at work, much to his joy as he was starting to miss his challenges at office.

Speaking of work, that’s among what’s been filling up my hours too! Things are super busy at the office with back to back events and projects. Alhamdulillah most of it has been completed with only one more major event to go (it’s happening tomorrow!! Eeeks!!).

Apart from that, I’ve also been busy revamping CMB! It’s got a whole new look now which I’m very happy with. Next step is to properly register this little hobby that the babester and I have, hehehe… we definitely should step up and do this quick.

Oh yes, I also gave the husband’s blog a brand new look 😉 Well I didn’t exactly create the template from scratch but I customized an existing template to suit his requests. I’m glad to say that he’s very happy with the outcome. Do check it out!

What else what else… ahh yes.. there’s also BSK 😀 I’ve been placing weekly orders and so far things have been moving rather well. I’m so glad that more and more parents are seeing the importance and convenience of labelling their children’s belongings!

Ohhh… then there’s weddings, of course 🙂 This year sees a whole bunch of weddings lined up for some of my very close friends, AND BABIES TOO!! Hahahaha.. year of the rabbit indeed 😉 then there’s my sister’s graduation happening mid-year. I’m so excited!! My whole family’s gonna go!! Whee!!

Anyway, that’s all for today, bits and pieces of updates from me. I’ll definitely sit and pen down more of what’s been happening.

Till then, toodles!!

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