My Babbling Chempedak

How often do you hear a Chempedak talk? In my case, quite often!ย 
Alisha has for the past months started talking A LOT. When I say talking, I don’t mean her using actual words of course, but her chatting away in toddler talk. The fun part is she actually mimics our sing-song conversational sounds that it’s as if she’s engaging you in a real conversation and she expects that you understand what she’s saying. It’s like she’s talking Simlish.
Of course there are the few words that she’s managed to master such as :
Daddeee-aaa (daddy, most of the time it’s just Dee-aaa! no idea why she adds on the “aaa” at the back)
Mo (Romeo – the cat)
Nak (goes without saying)
Duck (yes, she refers to the right animal! duck!)
No (complete with hand gesture)
Ish (fish)
Sus (shoes)
She still can’t seem to say Mommy (sabar je lah) but I guess she’s slowly getting there. I’m usually M (like the letter M), Maammm… or something along those lines.ย 
Anyway, here’s a little video Alisha playing in the garden with her Wan and Tok Pa ๐Ÿ™‚
p/s : this is especially for you Tia ๐Ÿ™‚ wouldn’t want you to miss out on your niece’s milestones!


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