Chempedak the “Gold Digger”

Alisha always finds ways to entertain herself in her car seat whenever I’m driving to or from work. Sometimes, I’d let her hold a biscuit or a slice of cheese for her to snack on our 15 minute (or 30 minutes, depends on the traffic) journey.

If she’s not snacking, she’d dance or sing along to songs that’s playing on the radio. Occasionally, she’d throw a hissy fit because she doesn’t want to be strapped in her car seat. Her tantrums usually don’t last long. She’d stop after two minutes, as soon as she realizes that it’s not getting her anywhere or anything.

The other day, as I was driving home from work, as usual the little Chempedak thought of new ways to make her car ride fun. Midway through our journey, I suddenly heard snorty sounds followed by giggles of joy, and then snorty sounds again!

I peered into my baby-view mirror and saw a very happy one-year-old stuffing her finger up her nose!!

Look Mommy!! I can do THIS!!

She found it so amusing that she could make those snorty sounds and I think even more impressed that she could stuff her finger in her nostril.

I was laughing so hard!! I told her to stop (in between giggles) but the more I said “Alishaa!! eeww!! Stop!!” the more snorts she made.

Join me Mommy! It’s fun!!

I gave up and let her continue her happy snorts all the way home. Asalkan bahagia la Chempedak oii…


  1. habisla, she discovered her new talent.. if she do it in front of an audience, i wonder how would u react, pengsan kot??
    im sure the daddy would act “cool”. ahahaaha..

  2. haha teagan just started doing this two days ago and wont stop!
    and she does this in public haha
    sooo not a pretty sight!! finger in the nose snorting and laughing while i push her around the mall in her stroller!

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