Alisha’s very first school concert!!

Some time last month, Alisha’s kindergarten held their mini school concert. It was sooo exciting!! (1st time mommy super excited and jakon beyond all reason). Alisha was not part of the performances of course, but all parents were invited and of course the husband and I wanted to bring her to watch all the singing and dancing her friends would be performing!

The concert was super cute, it even had a theme! Their theme was “Around the world” and their performances adapted costumes of various cultures from different countries. The toddlers were adorable and it was so amusing the way they tried to coordinate and memorize their steps but the moment they see mom and dad, everything goes down the drain! They’d be jumping up and down and waving hello with all their might! The slightly elder group (4-5 year olds) were a bit more organized and it was rather impressive to see them showcase their instrument playing skills 🙂

Best part was, even the husband was part of the concert! See, the school needed an emcee for their concert, and they’ve been asking around the office staff to see if anyone would be able to help out.  The teachers had their hands full with the kids so they obviously couldn’t take on the part. Nobody else wanted to become emcee (boo). So, I happily volunteered Alisha’s Daddy 😀 Thank god he had time to spare because he even had to attend rehearsals!! Heheheh… but he had a great time doing it, plus got to know the teachers a little better, kan Daddy?

Alisha’s Daddy as emcee!

At the end of the concert, they had a Joget Lambak session!! All the kids came on stage and sang and danced along to the songs Geylang Si Paku Geylang, and Rasa Sayang. Alisha was already all jiggety in her seat so I handed her over to one of her teachers on stage and she joined the joget lambak session too!!

Alisha gettin’ jiggy with it

We were so happy and proud to see Alisha on stage along with the other kids! LOL! My baby’s growing up so fast!

Until the next concert… 😀


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