A complete mess

My hair that is. Some time last year, I did the “hair-relaxing” treatment which calmed down my otherwise wavy and poofy hair. So for about a year, I had fuss free and manageable straight hair which I absolutely loved. I’d recommend the hair relaxing treatment for those who want to try the straight-hair look as it seemed to give my hair a more natural feel as opposed to the rebonding treatment.

Anyway, I’m done with straight hair now, I want my wonderful waves back. Unfortunately, I have to outgrow the straightened hair in order to get them back. So now my hair is in complete disarray. It’s neither here nor there, half straight and half attempting to be wavy. Ugh.

Therefore, it takes more effort than before to Sometimes I’d arrive at the office looking a complete wreck. I bet there’s more than one colleague who’d like to hand me a brush and a hair dryer to blow my hair into place.

BUT!! I’m determined!! I will get through this!! Which means..I have to wake up earlier and spend time in front of the mirror to pretty myself up.. hehehe..

Alisha, please make space for mommy’s “get-pretty” time ok?


  1. oh oh i want my wonderful waves back too. haven't rebonded over a year now. but omg it takes ages for my hair to grow back. and so jakunny bushy it is that i'm tempted to rebond again, tsk! and i'm still annoyed with my hair. how lar? can i go relax it? what does relaxing do anyway? rambut i stress kah? hihi

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