Alisha’s photo shoot

For her first birthday, one of my dear aunts gave Alisha a membership card at The Picture Company. So last Saturday, we made an appointment and took Alisha for her first photo shoot at TPC One Utama. Of course Mommy and Daddy dia yang extremely excited, Alisha joined in the hypermode as well. I guess she sensed our top-of-the-chart moods.

When we got there, a friendly young lady greeted us and explained that as we had a membership card, session fees are waived (meaning we don’t have to pay for our picture taking session). Usually, session fees are charged based on the number of people who will be in the shoot. All good, we arranged for it to be Alisha’s solo session.
We had to wait for a bit as there was already a photoshoot going on in the studio. Alisha kept herself busy playing with the toys in the waiting area. Then, it was OUR turn!!
There were sooooo many things to play with in the studio, Alisha took about five minutes walking around to absorb everything she saw. She was overwhelmed! LOL! They had various costumes and props that you could use for the shoot and as usual, my little Chempedak knows what she wants. She’d point to one thing and go “nak!”, then after she’s bored, she’ll fling it aside, walk to the prop area and point to other stuff that’s caught her eye!
Alisha had an absolute ball during the photo shoot. She was running and dancing and laughing so loudly that though we had just one photographer with us at the start of the shoot, we ended up having all the staff in the studio with us towards the end! Hahahaha! Everyone was just having so much fun with her!
The best part was, everytime we changed her outfit, she’d walk up to the mirror, check herself out and give this huge laugh. LOL! Little miss vain-pot betul.
After we were done, we were told to come back in half an hour to have a look at our pictures. So we walked around for a bit, got Alisha a little toy plane, took her to the TV store that was blasting Justin Bieber which prompted her to break into a little dance routine (goyang goyang angkat kaki pusing pusing) then it was time to head back to see our photos.
The pictures turned out G-R-E-A-T. Our young natural model here knew just how to work the camera! We were in love with all of the pictures taken, and that’s when our hearts fell to the floor. You see, you don’t get to take the pictures home with you. 
For every photo that you want, you will have to pay RM78. This will give you a print out the size of 8R. 
You can opt for two of the same photos in size 5R instead for the same price. 
If you want another picture, it’ll cost you another RM78. 
If you want the digital copy of that particular picture that you’ve chosen to print out, it’ll cost you an additional RM10. 
You don’t get digitial copies of the rest of the photos.
So, as we were trying to live by the Bijak Mengurus Wang lifestyle, the husband and I decided that we’ll go with just one picture for now. It was such a heart-breaking process to have to choose ONE picture when you’re in love with them all. *sigh*
Then they asked if we were a Citibank card holder which would entitle us to a free 4R picture of our choice. The husband had a Citibank card so our hearts gave a little whoop of joy, we get to keep another photo!!
We ended up with these two beautiful shots which we just love 🙂
Alisha doing her best impression of model on a catwalk! 😀

Bubbles + bikini = One happy baby!
All in all, TPC was a lovely experience indeed. We had great fun and the people were just absolutely lovely. Unfortunately, for what they’re charging, you’d expect to get back a little bit more. Even if they had given me all the pictures they took in low resolution files, I would’ve been more than happy.


  1. babe, i adore the photos! alisha is just sooo cute! yeah, i totally agree with u about the prices.. quite pricy la! u should try group photoshoot like i did with a bunch of bloggers. i tell u, u'll get a lot more photos for the price u just paid..

  2. If only TPC would be a bit more customer oriented rather than money oriented.

    That was the only reason why wifey and I decided not to take our eldest last time for a round of photo at TPC.

    Mahal, tapi tak berbaloi… 1 pic for RM78? C'mon…

  3. twiggy i sooo looove alisya's ballerina photo 🙂 those colorful tutu's so lovely secretly rasa teringin nak pakai ahaha 🙂 wish i can be a kid again,took ballet lessons dulu and mmg seronok dapat pakai tutu and the ballet shoes 🙂
    hope i'll have a daughter of my own one day.May Allah SWT bless you and your family!

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