How to glue 10 envelopes in 10 seconds!!

Today, I learned a new skill!!

You see, my team is a do-it-all team. We do everything. From writing letters, photo-copying, meetings, module developments, all the way to holding talks for the public.Among one of our many job functions is to send out letters. Not one, not two but hundreds of them at one go. Now for those who have had experience sending out letters or cards (wedding invitations etc), you will know that this isn’t a split second task. Easy, yes, but takes time.

Step 1 : Identify the pile of envelopes you need to seal
Step 2 : Hold them in an angled manner so that the flaps do not overlap each other
Step 3 : Hold the envelopes down flat on a surface
Step 4 : Spread glue on all the flaps, at one time!
A closer look at how to glue ’em all at once
See? All your envelopes are glued!!
Step 5 : Seal your envelopes!
Voilà You’re done!!
Hebat kaaaannn?? Hhahaah, ok jakun sikit. Pardon me for my over enthusiasm but I used to glue one envelope at a time and tried so hard to do it as fast as I could. This definitely saves me precious time!!
You Doodlers should try this when the occasion calls for it!


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