Alisha the Jr. Chef!

Last month, I stumbled upon the cutest pretend-play item that you can imagine. A little chef hat, complete with the chef collar bib! I couldn’t resist, I just HAD to get it for my little girl!! It would go so well with her little kitchen!

Alisha has been a happy junior chef ever since 😀

I wanted to share her cute little antiques with her grandparents and aunt, so I emailed them her pictures, using her very own email. Yes peeps, Alisha has her own email account! Lol!! We created it for her when she was born 🙂

Below’s her very first email to her Tok Pa, Wan and Tia!

Dear Tok Pa, Wan and Tia,

Yesterday morning, I put on my my chef hat and cooked breakfast for Mommy and Daddy. But i didnt get to finish my cooking because Mommy said “enough Alisha, let’s go to school” and then she had to change my diapers again because I made poopy instead of breakfast.

Mommy got me new sneakers too! Adidas sneakers 😀 Tia, did you get your new sneakers?

Now I am no longer in the baby room. I have moved into the toddler group. I like it a lot!! They let me play with playdough. Every day I cry when Mommy comes to pick me up because I don’t want to go home. I cry even louder when we get to the car, but once the car starts moving, I doze off.

I have to go now, I will email you all more soon. Enjoy the pictures!!
(there are a lot of pictures so it might take quite a while to load all of them)

Bye bye!!


Hi there! Welcome to Alisha’s Kitchen Capers!

Cooking is a lot of fun, you can even cook with eyes closed!
But always remember! Safety first! 
And make sure you don’t get your camera too close to me! I’m busy cooking!

Thanks for watching Alisha’s Kitchen Capers!


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