E.L.F. : We’re So Vegan Baybeh

I love animals, have I ever shared that fact with you? I love them all, from the big ol’ elephants to the tiny wombats of the world. When I was five, I fell in love with a baby cow called Rainbow at my aunt’s farm. I wanted to bring him home and attempted to shove him into the back of my dad’sPajero. Of course, that failed, which resulted in a very miserable 5-year old me. LOL.

To me, animals deserve kindness and respect as much as us humans do as they are all creatures of Allah too. Although I still eat my meat (rezeki kan tu), I highly oppose animal cruelty and any activities that subject animals to be tested upon.

Recently, my colleague (another animal lover) and I discovered a brand of make-up which is completely vegan. I can hear some of you going “what the heck is vegan”, kan? kan? hehehe.. Being vegan means that their products are completely free of animal ingredients (HALAL yo!). But the most important thing is that they don’t use animals to test their products, hence, you get yourself cruelty-free cosmetics. It may not matter to others but it sure makes me feel a lot better knowing that no animals were harmed (or sacrificed) in the process of making me look pretty!

Everyone, let me introduce you to Eyes Lips Face or E.L.F. for short!

We were looking for vegan make-up but could not find that many available in Malaysia (well, not many that looked appealing enough). Were we ever so happy to find E.L.F.! Their closest branch is in Singapore but you can order online and they’ll ship your stuff over 😀

So we ordered a few stuff and tried them and YAY THEY ARE AWESOME!

Stuff I got myself 😀

Am using lipstick in Gypsy, and liquid lipstick in Pink Lemonade
Here’s my colleague Shaz! Hi Shaz!
She’s using lipstick in Voodoo and liquid lipstick in Bark
Their lipsticks are moisturizing and doesn’t make me end up with cracked and dry lips like the more expensive ones I usually use. Their glosses and liquid lipstick are great too! Lovely colours and the best part is that they smell yummeeehhh!

My colleague already has listed down a whole bunch of other stuff that she wants to get, hahahah..

So Doodlers, check out E.L.F. today!


  1. Hello Liyana and colleague. I never thought you are this beautiful, and all the beautiful because you are using e.l.f makeup! 🙂

    Thank you so much for patronizing e.l.f cosmetics. You are such a wonderful customer, with a sophisticated taste in cosmetics ;-), and we always look forward to you hearing from you. People like you inspire us to continue thriving and promoting beauty and wellness.

    Stay vegan and beautiful! 🙂

  2. Hello Liyana and colleague. I never thought that you are this beautiful, and much prettier that you are using e.l.f. makeup ! 🙂

    Thank you for patronizing elf cosmetics. You are such a wonderful customer and we always look forward to your order :-)People like you inspire us to thrive and promote beauty and wellness.

    Stay vegan and beautiful…

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