Happy Birthday Mama :)

Alisha and Wan

It was my mother’s birthday last Saturday, 16th October 🙂 I was going crazy trying to figure out what to get her as her birthday gift. She’s been such an awesome Mama and Wan that I didn’t want to just get her the usual perfume or spa pack nonsense (which is what we usually get her).

I’ve been scouring the malls looking high and low and finally just the day before her birthday, I found the perfect gift! *grin* Mama loves gardening you see. So much that she doesn’t mind being burned by the sun or getting insect bites all over (she only complains later on).

So I packed her gift nicely in a box, made her a card which I just knew she would love, bought some cupcakes (because a whole cake would be too much for our little family to finish) and waited for the next day.

On her birthday morning, I arranged the cupcakes and stuck a candle in one of them, brought everything to the garden and called in my mother, whom of course was all sweaty tending to her garden.

Unfortunately my sister couldn’t be on Skype with us at that time, it was probably around 2am where she was so we didn’t want to wake her.

Here’s what I got Mama 🙂

She loved them all 🙂 She found her new gardening tool set so pretty that she didn’t want to put them to use! LOL! Perhaps just put them as decoratives in her garden, hehehe..

Happy birthday Mama.. I love you very very much *hugs*


  1. hey, that's not a bad idea. my mom loves gardening too. i'm not even sure whether her children inherited her green thumb or not. lol!
    so, if my dad loves golfing, i should get him… a brand-spanking new shiny golf ball? hehe
    (his birthday is on Halloween and i'm fresh out of ideas hee~)

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