HFM alert!

Last week, several kids at Alisha’s playschool was hit by the HFM disease. Though the teachers tried their best by isolating and sending home kids who were infected, the virus still managed to spread around to other children. Unfortunately, Alisha caught the bug as well.

She had not been eating since Saturday and was drooling a lot. Initially I thought she was teething. On Tuesday though, her teacher called and informed me that they spotted an ulcer in Alisha’s mouth. So I quickly took her to the doctor. He did a little routine check and discovered several ulcers in her mouth and under her tongue, and also tiny water filled dots at the sides of her big toes. He confirmed that she has a mild case of HFM. Poor little lamb, no wonder she was so cranky and upset whenever it was meal time. She was hungry yet her mouth hurts so she couldn’t eat.

I was worried that she wasn’t eating but the doctor told me to chill, just make sure she drinks plenty of water and as long as she’s taking milk, everything should be ok. We have to isolate her from other children for around five days though so now Alisha’s at home with her Wan.. while Mommy has to work. Sigh.

Anyway, as a special treat for the sick baby, I bought her some ice-cream to soothe her ulcers. Dr prescribed! 😀

Enjoy your Baskin Robbins my little Chempedak! Get well soon ok? Mommy loves you!


  1. those tiny little watery dots would spread the virus around…when the dots pecah, the water spread ke tempat lain.

    my kids got the bug too frm their skool. we washed they bedsheet everyday, to avoid it frm spreading to other parts of their body. and of cozneed to wash hand frequently

    get well soon alisha, and enjoy ur ice cream, or maybe u can also demand for hagen danz! hihi

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