Alisha and Soraya’s Birthday Party!


Note : This post is waaaayyyy overdue!

As told in my previous post, Alisha’s birthday fell within the month of Ramadan so I had to postpone my party plans for the little Chempedak. Now that Syawal is here, mommy has her party plans kicked in to full gear! Woot!!

Initially, I wanted to have an elaborate party with themed décor, colourful balloons, fully loaded party packs, clowns, magic shows and games and invite every single human being I know. What mom wouldn’t want to tell the world that their little princess is celebrating her very first birthday, right?

However, after sitting down pondering over my plans, I came to realize that I’m not Katie Holmes and my husband’s pocket is not as deep as Tom Cruise’s. Therefore, I scrapped off my idea for a big bash and started a plan for a cozy little party instead.

Since my darling sister’s birthday is also in the month of September, we decided to have a combo celebration! My sister and I decided to keep the invitees to less than 40 people and so I listed down a handful of close friends with kids roughly around Alisha’s age. It is after all her birthday, so I figured she’d enjoy children’s company more than the adults. My sister invited a group of her girl friends while my parents decided to call in close family. I listed down important stuff that I needed for the party and went on to see which of those listed that I could do up on my own.

Here’s what I managed to DIY for my baby’s first birthday party, along with my one and only sister 🙂

We chose to go with a sunshine theme, so colours used in everything was bright, vibrant and cheerful.
I designed the invitations and we sent them out via email (save paper, save trees).
The invitation
I opted not to give out party packs but instead gave tiny animal rattles to Alisha’s little guests. The slightly older kids received rubber puffer ball yoyos.

Animal rattles for the little guests

My sister made her own party favours! She used Alisha’s used baby food jars, cleaned them up well, filled them with candy and decorated them with ribbons and coloured napkins. Pretty cool ey?

Front view

Top view

I made the thank you tags too!

I tied a yellow ribbon on top to make it sweeter!


Then comes the best of all, I made them a birthday banner! Spent two nights up till wee hours of the morning finishing the banner but it was aaaallll worth it! The husband helped of course, or at least, he tried… hehehe…

I made this all by myself! *hins*hins*

I splurged a bit on helium balloons, coz I thought they’d brighten up the area more and put everyone in party mood. At the end of the party, I let guests take home a balloon each so we didn’t have to worry about what to do with leftover balloons.

The streamers at the back are actually balloon strings! Pretty kan?

To keep the little guests occupied, I allocated a play area specifically for the kids to knock themselves out. We put out Alisha’s inflatable slide, rocking horse, play kitchen, a crawling tunnel and filled her inflatable pool with plastic balls and toys. That definitely kept them cheerful and happy all afternoon!

In the end, it seemed like everyone had fun, especially the birthday girls 😀

The birthday girls blowing their candles – Mommy had to help Alisha

Birthday girls and the “older” guests… hehehe

Alisha and her cousins

Alhamdulillah everything turned out great and well within my budget, heheheh…

To the husband dearest, thanks for supporting my crazy ideas and staying up with me as I worked on the banner!!

Alisha and Daddy

Happy Birthday Alisha!! Happy Birthday Yaya!!

Birthday girls!

I love you both lots and lots *hugs*


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