Time for a make-over!

Can you believe we’re moving into the final quarter of 2010 already??Gosh! I need to sit down and take a little breather! Lol!Ok, almost at the end of 2010 and I since I’ve recently gotten my happy bubbles back, I have decided that it’s time for a little facelift. No no, I’m not getting plastic surgery done or getting vitamin-C shots or Botox treatments or anything like that. I’m thinking room revamp people! Woot woot!

What better way to brighten up your day than to come home to a nice and cheerful pad of your own, kan? Well, unfortunately, I kind of don’t have a place of my own just yet. I’m still bunking with my parents and my in-laws. So I’m making do with redecorating my room for the time being.

Now, it’s not as easy as you think. The challenge is that all three of us are in that ONE room and we all need our own space. So, I’ve got to come up with a way to divide the room into several areas:

  • Alisha’s space
  • Daddy’s study
  • Mommy’s dress up
  • Bedtime bunk

Haaa… challenging isn’t it? Currently I’m at the drawing board, browsing around for ideas. I very much welcome you creative suggestions on what ways I can go about fitting all our stuff in and still have personal space.

Apart from that, I’m giving one of my blogs a make-over as well! 😀 Baby Shopaholics is in the midst of getting a brand spanking new look! I engaged a nice young lady to redesign my review blog and she’s currently aiming to give me a first draft by end of this week. Will update you Doodlers on that once I receive the draft!

Current look of Baby Shopaholics

Till then, stay tuned for further revamp rambles!


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