Alisha’s 1st birthday!

With the chirpy birthday girl

My baby girl turned one earlier this month. Alhamdulillah she’s a happy, healthy and vibrant one year old. I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I went through the whole childbirth process and out popped this teeny tiny person that completely changed my life.

Since it was the month of Ramadan, we didn’t throw an elaborate party. Instead, I called and booked us a table at Marmalade Café for iftar, and to have a tiny cozy celebration of Alisha’s first birthday. Alisha wasn’t feeling very well but she seemed ok enough for us to have a little outing to the restaurant. I got home from work; packed her stuff, got everyone ready and we were off to Marmalade!

Upon reaching Marmalade, we gave Alisha’s name (reservation was under her name) and the staff ushered us to our table on the upper deck of the restaurant. We were surprised that they had blocked off the entire upper deck for our dining pleasure! My Dad gave me a quizzical look and asked how many people I made reservations for. I told the staff who answered my call that I need a table for five adults plus one baby, and to put us at a happy little corner as it was the baby’s birthday. They were sweet enough to give us the entire area as they said it’s nice and quiet for us to enjoy our little celebration. I heart you Marmalade peeps!!

Section closed! Thank you!

We took awhile to decide what to eat (everything sounded so good) and after we placed our orders, we took loads of pictures! Alisha had an awesome time tottering about her little birthday area, and especially enjoyed gawking at the view from the scenic window.

Tia! Check out the view!! Woohoo!!


I gotcha Daddy!! Roowwrr!!

Our food arrived just in time for buka puasa 😀 Check out all the yummilicious food! Everything we ordered was simply scrumptious. We each tried everyone else’s dish and we all agreed that my Dad ordered the best one – Spicy Spaghetti something, can’t recall the name.


The yummy spicy spaghetti something something, lol!
After dinner, we got Alisha a cute little cupcake with her very first candle and sang her happy birthday. She couldn’t really grasp what the whole commotion was about and just kept staring at the lit candle, lol!
What in the world is that, Mommy?
All in all, it was a nice, quiet and comfortable celebration with the family. A day I will treasure for always.

My dearest Alisha, Mommy loves you so so much!

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