Alisha’s in the newspaper!!

I got a huge surprise yesterday when the husband called me up early in the morning at work and excited told me to look for the Utusan newspaper. His friend called him up and said that he thinks Alisha is in the newspaper *gasp* !!

So I went to the CEO’s secretary, borrowed the day’s Utusan and ran back to my table. I didn’t know why but I went straight for the MEGA-pullout, flipped the pages open and VOILA! There she was, my little girl in her car seat flashing her cheeky grin! I was like “Oh my god!! It IS Alisha!!”

The article featuring Alisha πŸ˜€

I quickly rang up the husband to confirm and we were quite perplexed as to how our baby’s picture ended up in the newspaper! I mean, how could they just simply use someone’s kid’s picture to accompany their articles without asking for permission? I figured that they must have taken it from my blog post on Alisha’s car seat. It was the only place I used the picture, and heck, I took the picture with my hand phone! I still have it in my hand phone for God’s sake, lol!

The husband straight away went into his “I-am-taking-legal-action” mode and sounded clearly upset that people used our daughter’s picture without permission. I told him to call Utusan and ask for an explanation and excuse given was clearly a feeble attempt to cover their mistake.

He said he spoke to a lady who was the column’s writer. He introduced himself as father of the child who’s picture she used to accompany her article. She immediately went into shock mode and said that she didn’t know that the picture was a Malaysian baby. “Saya ingat anak mat salleh!!”

I laughed out loud when the husband was telling me this. With eyes as small as the Japanese kid next door, how in the world did she mistaken our baby as a Caucasian is beyond me. Apparently, she simply Googled for ‘baby in car seat’ and took the picture from there. My colleague, upon hearing this, Googled several combinations (baby in car seat, baby car seat, car seat, baby dalam car seat) and none of them resulted with Alisha’s picture. Only if you Google up ‘Alisha car seat’ will her picture appear and of course, it was from my blog.

It didn’t end there. The columnist got all apologetic and repeatedly said sorry and that our baby was so cute and all that jazz. My husband asked if we will be getting any compensation out of this, and she apologized again saying that she can’t give out any monetary compensation. She rambled on about how cute our baby is then asked the husband if she could feature our family as part of her next article on baby care. I’m not sure if the husband took her words seriously but he told her that he’ll discuss it with his wife.

Did you notice what happened here? She weasled her way out of trouble by using flattery. Tsk tsk tsk. To be honest, I’m not really upset that Alisha’s picture was in the papers. In fact, I’m completely flattered and proud πŸ˜€ It was accompanying a good article on travelling with a baby and the safe use of a car seat so I didn’t see the harm. I am slightly disturbed though that they took and used the picture of a minor without parental consent. This being Utusan Malaysia, one of our country’s top written media source. If they can do something as unethical as this, God knows what the other small time media are capable of. I think I’m going to email them to just convey my feelings about this. I’ll let you Doodlers know if I get a reply.

On the bright side though, my baby’s got her first media feature!! Hahahahhahhahaha!! Mak bapak dia pun tak pernah masuk surat khabar gambar besar camnih!!

We’re going to laminate a few copies for safekeeping, and give it to her when she’s older πŸ™‚

Baby girl, you’re accidentally famous!

Note : The scanned article above is courtesy of Doodler Husna, thanks Husna!!


  1. wow! but still not nice la to simply take ur adorable baby pic mcm tu je. at least kena kasi credit to your family. nway, she looks absolutely gorgeous with that smile! =)

  2. well, at least, they sure want to comfort furious mom with baby johnsons product, worth a year supply…kan??

    ps: it is quite a tedious job you know, to edit each one of pictures with watermark to be posted in our blog. like, don't we have other things to do?? sure your post ni will opened up a lot of other blogger momsys' eyes out there..yeah, you heard that moms..put that effing watermark on your pictures! or disable right click..

  3. ok sumpah betul tekaan i!

    i was like, “macam sangat pernah lihat ini budak and sangat macam pernah tengok gambar ini dalam blog you masa you baru beli car seat macam tuh”

    tapi tak sempat nak sms sebab tak cukup masa nak handle the boys lagi. huhuhuhu.

    apa pun, alisha adalah cute dalam itu gambar, and satu malaya dah tengok anak dara you. πŸ˜‰

  4. As a writer I have to say it's really bad taste for the journalist to 'just Google and use' because that's not what writers are taught to do. It's like plagiarism. She should have contacted you beforehand.

  5. Sorry, but I'm with your husband. A big major fuck you to Utusan Malaysia. I've a lot of my friends whose photography work get stolen all the time by the conscienceless Malaysian media. This is not something you should take lightly, what with the fact that it is a picture of a minor and it was taken without parental consent. I think you two should make life hell for these bastards. Plus, your husband's a lawyer, kan? Don't let them wiggle out of it easily. About time someone teach them a lesson.

  6. mak ai.. ni kalu kat obersea dah kena saman dah. teehee. nevertheless.. alisha rocks in that photo. hehe! i better start reading malay papers. kot la gambor hannah kluar .. article psal nenen ke.. hahahahhah!

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