Cartoon cartoons :)

When you have a child, automatically your TV is taken over by Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Although, from my point of view Disney Channel is not suitable for kids, too much subtle sexually inclined messages, while Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon has got too many rude and violent shows in line.

So, what are we left with? Playhouse Disney of course!

Alisha has her own favourites, she won’t watch just any Disney toon. If it’s something she loves, she’ll sit, stare, laugh and jig about to the songs. Kalau tak, kirim salam je la kat tv tu.
By now all us mommies would know almost all the theme songs of the sugary-sweet and and at times annoyingly-cute Disney shows there are. You know you’re on the same boat with me *grin*

I bet if I list down a bunch of shows that my little girl likes to watch, you’ll be able to hum the tune.. hehe..


Here we go… Alisha loves…

Dibo the Gift Dragon
Hello, hello, my name’s Dibo…
Handy Manny
Let’s get going and fix it right…
Higglytown Heroes
The Higglytown Heroooes…
My Friends Tigger and Pooh
My Friends Tigger & Pooh tv show photo
My Friends Tigger and Pooh, we’re always there for each other..

Heheh… so far those are the ones that really captures her attention. Lain-lain like Little Einsteins, Word World tu semua, Mommy dia je lebih-lebih suruh dia tengok, lol!

Playhouse Disney toons are actually really cool and educational, and I must say that they’re fun to watch. The other day, I caught the husband staring OPEN MOUTHED at the tv for a good five minutes. Guess what was on? Dibo! HAHAHAHAHAH!!


  1. same la taste ngan Alif..hehe..tu pon favorite dier tu..kalau cerita2 ni mmg melekat la dier kat depan tv..kalau tak tu jauh2 sket..tak pon dok sebok mengaco aku dok wat kije..

  2. my dot's tastes in cartoons evolve as she grows older. lol.
    and she'll eventually learn to identify each of the cartoons too.
    for instance:
    – minnie, until recently sudah tere sebut mickey (mickey mouse clubhouse)
    – barney, until recently i tried to teach her to say barbie, she started referring to barney as babi -.-
    and a whole lot more =P.
    pagi2 je Nickelodeon cartoons are worth watching, e.g. yo gaba gaba and dora the explorer.
    oh and one more cartoon she loves to bits is Bo-bob. and she calls patrick 'Daddy'. hahahahaahha

    (hmm. maybe i shud blog about this too kekekeke)

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