Seven Days of Fever

Watching over my demam baby

It started on Wednesday, when the husband mentioned to me that he was feeling slightly feverish. I felt his forehead and it did feel kind of warm, so he popped in a couple of panadols and I told him to rest. What we thought would be a mild fever turned out to be a full blown joint-aching-cold-shivers sort of fever.

The husband slept in a different room, to avoid Alisha getting the bug but unfortunately that didn’t work. The next  day, Alisha’s temperature soared up as well. I was sick with worry for the both of them. I didn’t sleep at night, constantly towelling down the baby to keep her temperature down and checking on the husband to see if he was doing ok.

At one point, I pasted the Kool Fever pad on the both of them! Too bad tak sempat ambik gambar, it would’ve been real cute to look back on but I wasn’t exactly in the right mind to think of such things then. After five days of complete rest, one doctor visit and meals-in-bed, the husband seemed to have recovered partially, if not fully.

I couldn’t say the same about the baby though. She got from bad to worse. She wouldn’t eat, drink milk nor even nibble on her favourite biscuits. I knew she was hungry, she smacked her lips everytime she saw her food, but she had no appetite. Even when she did try to eat, everything would just come out again. We had to deal with fountains of vomit daily.

To give her medication was just heartbreaking. I couldn’t bare to put her through the torture. She was crying and vomiting and crying and vomiting. Thankfully the husband was strong enough to make sure the medication she needed goes in.

Towards day five, she was already very weak, not herself and mostly just lying down resting. Only God knows the state of panic my mind was in. Only after one clinic visit, one house call and two hospital visit later did she show signs of improvement. Only after seven days did she actually want to eat her favourite porridge and was strong enough to keep her milk in.


Today, ten days on, I finally feel a heavy sense of exhaustion. I was extremely tired before, but I tried not to let it get to me. I had to be strong for my family. Alhamdulillah things look better now. The husband is concentrating on his Ramadan “time-to-pulun” prayers etc, while Alisha’s slowly getting back to her usual smiling self.

As for me, I finally have time to sit down and update my little blog. My first post after a month long hiatus was an emotional one. I apologize to my readers for not greeting you with a more happier tone and I thank you for all the great support you’ve given me. After the whole drama, the batty-old-maid should know better and stay off my back. If I went absolutely bonkers, I could have done much worse. People should never pour kerosene onto an open fire, kan? If she goes around with a different campaign after this, I’m just going to label her as senile. As for the list, I don’t have much time on my hands at the moment to sit and pen it down, but trust me I’ll get it done. Even if I don’t publish it, I’ll have it in my safe keeping for I’m absolutely sure it’ll come in handy.

Now, on to happier posts 🙂


  1. I hope your husband and your daughter are okay now.

    That woman sounds despicable. Would she be happier if she had a hand in destroying your marriage?

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