Rock-a-bye baby… on the Mommy…

Alisha fell asleep in my arms the other day. She had a good time gawking at her mommy’s new hair style earlier on and took around several minutes before she realized “owh!! It’s MOMMY!!” hahahahah

I cuddled her and kissed her as she lay fast asleep and after awhile, I decided to rest on the bed along with her. She didn’t want to be put down so this was how I ended up resting, LOL!

After awhile, I shifted her onto the bed, and left the room to make her porridge. The husband took over to watch the little joy sleep.Some 20 minutes later, I came back into the room, and was greeted by this beautiful sight.

I just love watching the two loves of my life sleep… they look so peaceful and calm… * swoon *


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