Milky Pots

Here’s another simple yet yummy meal which has gained its place in the Chempedak’s list of favourites. It was inspired by my mom, who used to make this for my sister when she was a little Kentang blob herself 😀
I call it Milky Pots 😀
What goes in :
2 baby potatoes
2 – 3 table spoons of milk
¼ teaspoon of unsalted butter
All you have to do is to boil the baby potatoes till they’re super soft, then mash them together with the milk and butter. Ready to serve!! 😀
You’ll get yourself super fluffy mashed potatoes which is so delightful you’ll want to share it with the baby, hehehehe… (giler ahh puji masakan sendiri, tak tahaannnn! hahahahah)
Fluffy Milky Pots 😀
In my case, the Daddy finished off the leftovers *grin*


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