Prickly predicament

Ok so one the birthday gifts I received was a pot of cacti (thanks babester!).
Here I am staring at the pot thinking to myself, how in the world do I keep them alive?!
How much water should I put? Do I need fertilizer? Do they need a lot of sun? Wind?? HEAT???
I plan to bring them to work, put them on my table next to my mess of files and folders and piles of paper.  I wonder if that would stress them out though. You know, to be put in an unconditioned area with no fresh air, and having constant noise from pesky human beings.
OMG, they might die.
Another scenario would be, they might prick my unsuspecting colleagues!
Hmmm… that sounds rather interesting… heheheheh…
OK my prickly posse; you’re coming to work with me! *grin*

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