Doodlers Around the World

It just occurred to me that I have made Doodle-friends around the world 🙂 I find it so absolutely amazing how technology is able to bring people from faraway places close together at the click of a button.

I know most Doodlers prefer to be the “you-can’t-see-me-but-I’m-here!” a.k.a silent Doodlers *giggle*

But! I still want to say thank you for coming to this little page of mine and to help you leave your mark here without exposing yourself (no pun intended, heheh).

To do this, I’ve added the Doodlers Around the World widget!!

Check it out!! It’s right there at the top of the page 😀 For every Doodler that visits, a little pink star is pinned onto the map of your location! Isn’t it cool??

So here’s to you my Doodlers! May we have a map full of little pink stars by the end of this year, cheers!!


  1. me loike too! and after this u can see a lot pink stars coming from KL.. i drop by ur page almost every update..tehehe..
    i feel guilty coz im so addicted to alisha..

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