Toothsome Oats!

Alisha’s becoming more adventurous with her food nowadays, wanting to try everything on everyone’s plate. Since that’s not possible, Mommy decides to get more adventurous with her baby recipes!
The fact that I have Annabel Karmel’s book at hand (yes dah sampai!!) helps boost my confidence to try new stuff in the kitchen for the little Chempedak (if only I was this courageous with food for the Daddy!). So last weekend, I tried something totally new 😀 adapted from my trusty baby recipe book of course.
I call it Toothsome Oats!
What goes in :

About one heaped tablespoon of oats (I used Quaker’s Quickcook Oats)
2-3 dried apricots (chopped)
150ml of milk (I used Dutchlady’s Full Cream milk)
1 large ripe pear (peeled, cored and chopped into chunks)

First I poured the milk into a saucepan, brought it to a boil, then slowed down the fire to minimum heat. After that I dumped in the oats and apricot and stirred every now and then. All this should take you just around 5 minutes.

Then I turned off the fire, let the cooked oats cool a bit and then dump it into the blender together with the chopped pear. I’d put in the chopped pear first though, helps ensure that the pears get blended well with the oats 😀
After that, the fun part! BLEEEEEEEEEENNNNDDD!!! If your baby likes it lumpy, just pulse the blender till you get the consistency you want. If your baby is still fond of the smooth texture of porridge, by all means, blend away to your heart’s desire.
Once you’re done, it’s ready to serve 😀 This will probably make around 3-4 portions, depending on how much your baby likes it. Oh, before serving, please taste it first ok? 😀 To know the taste and also to ensure that it’s not too warm for the baby.
The morning I made this, my cousin was visiting along with her baby girl, Hafsah, who was born just two weeks after Alisha. So I gave her a bowl of the oats to feed Hafsah as well!

Alisha with her second cousin, Hafsah
Alisha was just so-so with Mommy’s new recipe but Hafsah was simply lovin’ it! Makan siap goyang-goyang kaki and tepuk-tepuk mak dia! Hahahahah!! Oh, and here’s the best part, Hafsah didn’t finish her bowl of oats since I put in quite a lot but her mom happily helped wipe it clean!
So this recipe is Mom-approved! *grin*
Alternatively, if your baby is like Alisha who doesn’t really fancy pears, you can always use an apple instead and maybe ignore the dried apricots J
Note : Please ensure that your baby does not have any allergies to the above before you try this k! In my case, Alisha seemed alright with cheese so I didn’t have any qualms in using Dutch Lady milk in my cooking. Otherwise, you can use the three-day rule – try it and wait for three days to see if there are any allergic reactions before you feed her this meal again.


  1. babe, nape x guna ur breast milk? i thot u still fully bf meh? hehehe. i always use my BM kalau the recipe perlukan milk! hehe. nevertheless, i'm sure the food u buat must be yummyyy.. best kan feed anak kita makan? yum yummm.. 😀

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