Jom kita maaandi :D

Ever since she was a tiny bundle, we’ve done our best to make Alisha as comfy as possible when taking her baths. Our aim was to make bath time fun fun fun! 
So far so good 😀 This little one LOVES the water!
When she was just a blobby baby, she’d be all smiley smiley during bath time, but start wailing her lungs out as soon as bath time is over. Then I discovered that she couldn’t stand the draft outside the bathroom. So to overcome this, I’d wrap her up real good with her towel and dab her dry as soon as I took her out of the tub. So that solved the cold issue J Oh, also ensure that fan and aircond is not switched on lah.
Alisha, then 4 months old, enjoying her bath
To help her familiarize and anticipate bath times, I came up with a little “mandi song” as I like to call it… hehehe 😀
Here’s how it goes (sung to the melody of You Are My Sunshine)
Jom kita mandi, jom mandi pagi
Jom mandi pagi, baby mommy
Jom kita mandi, jom wangi-wangi
Alishaaa nak waaangi wangiiii
Hehehehe, I give myself 5 stars for creativity!! Woot!!
Nowadays, whenever it’s time to bathe her, I’d start singing her mandi song and Alisha would be all excited and grinning ear to ear! 


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