Say cheese!

Looky looky everybody!!
Alisha has cut her first two baby teeth! Aren’t they the cutest tiny toothbuds you’ve ever seen? LOL!!

Can you see my teeth, Mommy?
Never in my life did I ever think I would get excited over someone growing teeth, hahahahah!!
Yeap, Alisha’s been having teeth for over the past few weeks and she’s been putting them to good use:
  • Gigit jari daddy
  • Gigit telinga mommy
  • Gigit hidung Wan
  • Gigit meja, kerusi, baby chair and all other furniture
  • Gigit handle handbag Coach mommy
  • Gigit bulu kaki daddy
  • Gigit almost everything in sight
At the moment, belum lagi ada attempt untuk gigit Romeo and Lady (our cats), but she has some time ago successfully cabut a bunch of bulu Romeo in one single pull.
Alisha my Chempedak, you’re growing up so fast!!!
Owh and speaking of cheese, I was snacking on a slice of Chesdale the other day and since Alisha was staring at me longingly, I popped a small bit into her mouth. She LOVED it.
Muka orang kepam cheese dalam mulut
She was posed on all fours in front of me, not moving an inch, only opening her mouth for me to pop in more cheese, heheheh! So I guess this adds to her ever growing menu of baby nyummies!!


  1. Anita : oh dear! allergies?? what happened? naik gatal-gatal ke?

    Quiyah : she's definitely one cheeky cracker 😀

    Ai-ling : awww, thanks!

  2. baby alisha is indeed a beautiful lil' princess. her 1st photo in this post could really melt anyone's heart!

    it's gd to know tht alisha is ok with cheese. i bet she'll love cheesecakes as well 😛

  3. awww.. so cute!!! oh dear, my adzryl xleh makan cheese. tried once and terus allergic! shian dia. but with the power of mummy's milk, zassss i bf dia non-stop terus hilang allergy. now serik dah nak kasi cheese! sib baik hari tu i kasi sket jer.. hihihi. so it's all myths la kan. org kata, kalau fully bf baby x biasa ngan dairy product lain. to ur lil'chempedak ok jer.. hikk.

    comey laaa ur aleesya!! 😉

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