The Mother’s Day Birthday :)

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day and birthday with a child this year 🙂

The day before my actual birthday, my mom and dad took us out to dinner. It was a celebration of many. My birthday, the husband finished his exams, and he also was called to the bar, and to celebrate mom’s day for both me and my mama. We had dinner at this nice Italian restaurant where even Alisha had a place set for her complete with baby chair and kiddy cutleries! Of course she found it more fun to throw everything off the table instead of actually using them. Towards the end my mom quietly ordered a superhuge slice of triple-layer banana-choc cake and the waiter wrote “happy birthday Liyana” around the plate. It was really sweet, didn’t think my mom would’ve bothered with a cake untuk anak tua dia nih. I was really really really touched. Goes to show that a mom’s love knows no boundaries ey…

The next night, my mother-in-law made roast beef and since it was my birthday, they turned it into my birthday dinner. They stuck candles in the apple cake she made for dessert and my little nephews and niece had a blast trying to out-blow the candles, lol!

My best friends took me out to Rasta 😀 At my request, since I haven’t been there in a long time just to chill.

The husband got me a lovely Coach lanyard, in one of my favourite colours, which I now wear to work every day (thanks sayang! love it!!) 😀 My parents bought me a Bvlgari perfume and clutch set, which smells simply delightful (the perfume I mean). My sister got me a super cool handphone sock (which I am also using now!) with the Superman-like symbol except it has the letter M in it – to signify Supermom 😀 Thanks adik, way cool! The babester got me some cacti which I will try to keep alive, hehehe.. and my close colleagues bought me a beautiful pair of Coach earrings.

My very first Mother’s Day card from Alisha 🙂 
Her teachers at the nursery made it for her to give to me!

Alisha’s other Mommy’s Day card to me
My birthday cards and presents 🙂
Birthday cards my brother-in-law, niece and nephews made for me
One side of the earrings my colleagues gave me
Husband also bought me a cute pair of flats!

Other than that, my double celebrations was more on the low key 🙂 which was ok by me, although I could’ve done without the “batty-old-maid” most recent ridiculous antiques which people decided to share and discuss during my birthday dinner at my in-laws. Oh yes, she’s still around trying to ruin my life but I’m not letting her you see, heheheh… so she’s trying various ways to get to me. Simply impossible. Tsk tsk. That’s another story for another time.

Happy birthday to me, another year older, another year wiser. May Allah bless me and my family for the many years to come.


  1. ouh very nice coach earrings.. me love..
    btw dear, i know what u mean.. i have someone in my own family does that “batty old maid” tricks.. i just ignore them.. she'll get tired soon.

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