Tutti Frutti

Have you guys tried the recently opened frozen yoghurt joint, Tutti Frutti?

There’s one here in the area where I live and one fine day, the husband and I decided to give it a try. I waited in the car with the little one as the husband excitedly went to make his purchase. He came back with a small cup of frozen yoghurt in hand, face looking rather disturbed.

“Nah yang, yoghurt you”

“Thanks love!”

“Siot la yang, mahal yoghurt nih”

“You amik cup kecik kan?”

“Yer la, I mintak budak tu cup kecik”

“Abis tu?”

“Pastu dia bagi I cup ni, dia soh gi isi sendiri. I isi la cam Slurpee”


“Isiii… ketuk-ketuk… ada ruang kosong, isiiii lagi kasi penuh”


“Pastu bila I pegi nak bayar kan… dia taruk atas timbang”


So my dear Doodlers, please take note. Tutti Frutti is not like 7-eleven.


  1. haahha, sure kena belas2 ringgit kan. the other day i saw two siblings nak compete who can do a the highest mountain of tutti frutti, i pun trus lah kaypochi nk gi tgk brapa die kena, it was RM26++ each.

    and yes, no doubt sedap. all my 3 kids luv it *pengsan nk membeli*

  2. same thing happened to nazmi.. They think it'll be worth their money when they can fill up the whole cup till it's mampat and padat.. sekali kene byr berbelas hinggit!!! lol! but it's all soo worth it.. the tutti frutti yogurt is soooooo nice!!

  3. Dahla mahal, messy pulak tu. No matter how careful I am, mesti suku akan tumpah kena seat keretala, pintula, gearlah. Simpan dalam fridge nanti kena tempat buat ais. Sheesh. Tapi sedap… Damn!

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