What’s up Suri

Oh-so-pretty Suri

Wow, Suri’s four years old now. 
I still remember the big hoohaa when this little princess was born. Especially when Brangelina had their little Shiloh around the same time as well. 
Suri was such an adorable tot. I looked at her pictures A LOT when I was preggers with Alisha. I silently made a prayer to Allah that may he bless me with a baby as beautiful as Suri.
Alhamdulillah, he gave me more 🙂 I never forget to give my thanks every day.

*Note : Picture courtesy of JustJared*


  1. cam sebijik muke mak dier ek..
    aku dlu cam tak tengok muke sape2 lak masa pregnantkan alif..tengok muke bapak dier jek..tu yg cam bapak dier jek dah aku tengok skang ni budak tu..heheh..

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