Alisha’s Demam Drama

Chempedak yang demam

Dear Doodlers,

Alisha has been down with fever for the past whole week. I had sleepless nights worrying about her and trying to make her feel better. She caught the viral fever bug. Throughout this week, I learnt some stuff which I feel I should share with all of you. So below are the chronicles of Alisha’s fever week.

Monday, 1.30 am:
I woke up suddenly, no idea why. Turned to feed the little one as I figured it was time for her night feed anyway. I reached over to brush her little patch of hair and was shocked to find her forehead burning hot. I felt her forehead again, just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. I called the husband who was studying outside the room to feel her temperature. He confirmed my initial thoughts. We gave her Parmol (paracetamol), I nursed her till she fell asleep all the while towelling her head, underarms and back to absorb the heat. Didn’t get much sleep.

Monday,8.30 am:
Alisha’s fever still around. I took leave from work and the husband and I took her to the doctor. He said it was just a viral fever. Nothing to worry about but to come back if the fever lingers around for more than 48 hours. Told us to continue with Parmol and Promethazine. Alisha was whiny, but manageable, she’s still pretty much her happy self.

I took leave from work again. Fever still around. Comes and goes during the day so whenever her temperature was too hot, we’d towel her with a damp cloth to absorb the heat. Night time came, around 11.30pm her fever flared again. Even after giving her medication, it did nothing to bring down her temperature. I didn’t sleep, spent the whole night towelling her to keep her from getting too hot. She didn’t get much sleep either, kept tossing and turning until morning.

Wednesday, 5.30am
I woke the husband up and told him we’ve got to take her to the hospital. Her fever was up the whole night, the medication’s not helping. When we got to the E.R. at DSH, the doctor there looked as if he just got up from sleep. He briefly took a look at Alisha, then told the nurse to give that little caplet that goes up the butt then prescribed us with Euphamol and Augmentine. Euphamol is for fever, Augmentin is antibiotics.

Now I distinctively remembered her usual paed saying there’s no need for antibiotics, but I thought since her fever has been around for more than 48 hours, perhaps there’s a need for it. Big mistake.

After taking Augmentine twice, Alisha became so cranky and cried almost all the time. She even cries in her sleep. Reason? Stomach ache. I found out later that Augmentine causes gas and stomach discomfort.

Yeah, no joke there. Alisha’s tummy was constantly hard due to gas, she vomits everytime after she takes her medication to the point where she gets so scared at the sight of the medicine shringe. We never had problems giving her meds before, usually she’ll just happily suck it in herself.Β On top of that, after after every feed, she’d cry and whine, and then just poop liquid.

Another sleepless night, tried my best to comfort a baby who has no idea why she has to take the awful medication that makes her tummy ache.

I went to work today, feeling completely awful that I’m not home attending to my sick baby but I was feeling bad that my colleagues were taking on my part of office duties so I went in to tie up loose ends. I went home at lunchtime and found out from my mom that she’s still having tummy ache, crying and whining and vomiting and purging. The husband and my mother took Alisha to our normal paed earlier in the day, and she confirmed that the Augmentin was the culprit for all the stomach discomforts. She doesn’t understand why the DSH doctor prescribed Augmentin as usually they avoid antibiotics in infants especially since it causes these side effects.

I was already cursing the stupid DSH doctor all day long. I couldn’t stand to see my baby in such distress. She’s turned from a happy baby to a complete wreck. She cries in her sleep, she cries when she wakes up, she cries when she wants to sleep..huwargh!!

I can’t believe they expect me to continue the course of Augmentin for FIVE days!

I couldn’t take it. I didn’t want to give her anymore of the stupid Augmentin but I needed to know that it was ok to stop the medication mid-course. I suddenly remembered the husband’s cousin, Dr. A, who’s a paed. Why the hell I didn’t think of calling her in the beginning, I have no idea. So I called, and told her about the situation and she said stop the Augmentin. She too asked why the doctor gave Augmentin. *sigh*

Baby’s fever is gone, but when I woke up this morning, her face and body was covered in red splotches!! It looked like rash that’s underneath her skin. I panicked. What’s happening?? Is it dengue?? The husband thought it was measles.

I called the office and told them I had to take off work again. I’m so thankful I have the world’s most understanding boss and most amazingly helpful team-mates.

We took her to UH this time, and after seeing Dr. A, I was relieved to find out that it’s nothing to worry about. The rash is an extension of the viral fever and it’ll eventually go away on its own. So with fever gone, and rash being nothing serious, I felt a huge relief knowing that the little Chempedak was going to be ok.

* * * * *

Unfortunately, the week’s event has left a mark on my little one. She’s now not as much as her usual happy self. She wakes up crying when usually she’d wake up and give you the widest gummy smile you can imagine. She’s still purging, although less that the days before. She still whines a lot for reasons we don’t know πŸ™

I blame this ALL on that stupid doctor at DSH who prescribed Augmentin to my little one when there is no need to. He caused her all this discomfort. Hmph.

Anyway, apart from being cranky and whiny, Alisha is much better today, Alhamdulillah. I just pray that my little Chempedak will go back to being her normal happy self once again soon…

To all the mommies with infants, take note of Augmentin and if it is prescribed for your child, ask if it is completely necessary.


  1. babe, i feel u.. adzryl pun kena viral fever few weeks back. nasib baik kejap jer. tapi dia pun naik rashes 1 badan!!! i panicked too and bwk jmp doc. thank God 2 doctors confirmed the same. it's just the viral rashes.. and it will go away. xyah makan ubat ke apa. thank God! in 2 days, badan adzryl dah crystal clear! hihhii.

    so take care u too… skang musim org sakit.. huhu.

  2. how is ur little dot now?
    do u think you could help me ask ur husb's cuz something? my dot has been pooping liquid for the past week already, but so far her appetite's good and she's happily drinking her milk. mil asked me to get her off milk for a while since she poops liquid frequently. should i be worried that it's been almost a week now? huhu

  3. huhuhu sian nyer cempedakk…dh laa tomey2..duk nangess 4 ever…kite pon slalu dpt antibiotik tau..but since paed mule2 dulu kate try to avoid anibiotik…mmg amek jek tk sumbt pon kt maisarah…ni kess sumbt kt butt dier laa ni kan…kuang asam nyer dokter…tk smue kids bleh adapt ubt kuat2 ni…huhuhu

  4. kesiannye alisha…mesti risaukan yana…lis phm sgt…lis pon centu…ni my lil' gurl kene nappy rashes…surf2 info, rupenye sbb tumbuh gigi…tp teruk gak…letak krim nappy rash pon, makin teruk…alahai…susah hati…

    tapi lis tau, yana mesti lg risau…sbb demam kan…pulak tu salah ubat…isk geram dgn doc tu…!!

  5. gosh, that is one misdiagnose..
    twigs if i were u, i would have killed those damn doctors..
    anyway, good info on that med stuff, will let my other darlings know.. and will keep note about it when i have a baby on my own..

  6. i always have bad experience in DSH, seriously they seems to be very famous but each time im warded there, i dont really get proper treatment. and im assuming they are famous coz ppl like us find it convinient to go there since it is just around our neighbourhood.
    especially doctors at the ER, theya re just general practitioners i think, they dont know what they are doing. this is tru experience.

    and yes i remembered once my kid kena rashes and all, doc said it is a sign the fever is going off.

    i do refer to Dr A every now and then too =)

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