Nyummy Nyummies

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but Alisha has started on her solids for around a whole month now and boyyy does she love her baby purees 😀

Initially, I wasn’t really confident on making stuff for the baby because I’m no kitchen expert. I have serious doubts about what I can make for my child. I mean, I only know how to make two types of muffins and a chocolate cake which can push diabetic people over the edge. So I did what every normal non-cooking person would do, the bottled goods. Yeaapp unfortunately the first few tastes of solids that Alisha had came from the bottled goodness of Heinz baby food and Nestle’s Rice Cereal.

I felt like such an awful mom. Here I am eating freshly cooked food everyday when my baby eats from a can. So I gathered my courage and started asking around. First I asked her nursery what they fed her daily and how they made it, see, Alisha is lucky enough to attend this superb nursery that makes her baby food fresh every day.

I still didn’t feel confident enough, so I asked my friend Azleen who makes her little hero food from scratch. She gave me step-by-step instructions to the point that I felt, heyyy…I can do that! So thank you Azleen!! I owe it all to you!

So out I went to buy a tiny blender to puree my baby’s nyummies and with a deep breath and a very meaningful Bismillah, I started to make my baby her first Mommy-made rice porridge 😀

Alhamdulillah, to this day I’ve managed to make a few types of nyummies which my little Chempedak loves!

Here are the list of very few stuff I have made for the baby :

Rice bash : rice + baby potatoes + baby carrots
Spinach smile : rice + baby potatoes + baby carrots + baby spinach
Norwegian dive : Rice + baby potatoes + baby carrots + salmon
Sunshine sweetums : Baby sweet potatoes + baby carrots
Simple apple : Just plain boiled and pureed apples
Apple date : Apples + dates

Tadaa!! That’s it!

Ok I made up those names just to make it sound fancy, heheh… Alisha loves them all except ‘Sunshine sweetums’. She hates the taste of sweet potatoes just like her Daddy.

If you notice most of the stuff I use are the baby versions of the veges, that’s because they’re naturally sweet and I don’t have to worry about adding anything else.

It gives me such joy when I see her gobble down the stuff I made her. It’s like, wow, I can do this after all! I CAN COOK!! wahhahahha!! Ain’t no compliment bigger than your child loving your cooking 😀 even if it is just porridge.

I’ll be receiving Annabel Karmel’s Top 100 Baby Purees some time soon 🙂

Top 100 Baby Purees: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy and Happy Baby

Got my sister to mail it to me from  the UK since all our bookstores are out of stock. Can’t wait to try out them recipes for my Chempedak!

Here’s to more home made goodness!!


  1. babushkaaa : I use the Philips Mini blender 😀 works a charm!! You can easily find it at Jusco or Tesco, I've included the link in my post so you can see how the blender looks like 😀 Cheers!

  2. huwa, seriously? let me know if this book is any good kay? might be useful for baby #2 =D. i also used to refer to this one baby book on baby's first solids, recommended by my friend Far (i'm kitchen blind like u huhu). now i understand when my mom always pening in the kitchen thinking, 'nak masak apa arini eh?' =S

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