Got milk?

Quite a number of people have asked me how I manage to keep my milk flow going, since I’ve managed to successfully breastfeed Alisha until today. Believe me my Doodlers, it’s not easy!!

There were times when my milk production was so low that I was at hope’s end, worried sick about how I was going to pack her milk for her day at nursery the very next day. You see, I don’t have any back up stock of milk, I’ve run out. So currently I’m going on a day to day basis. Every day I will need to pump at least 12 ounces of milk to pack for Alisha’s day at the nursery. So far, Alhamdulillah, I’ve managed to do that.

Seriously though, the other day, it was as if my boobies merajuk or something. They down right refused to produce milk. I nearly had a breakdown. I went out and bought a can of Enfalac as back up JUST IN CASE there wasn’t enough milk for the little one. Alhamdulillah, I managed to pull through and the can of formula milk remains unopened.

I don’t really have tips on how to keep your milk flow going, since I myself am struggling. I will, however, share tips that I’ve heard and tried and I’ll note which ones I felt worked for me. It all depends on your body so give them a try and Insya Allah, we’ll manage to give the best for our little ones πŸ™‚

Direct feeding, anytime, everytime

Nothing beats this, but what to do.. we have to work.. kan?

Pump at least every three hours

Ok, this is by far the best when it comes to helping you keep your milk flow going. Your body would detect that you need milk thus it will continue to produce, same goes if you don’t pump, it will think that you don’t need as much milk, hence stop producing. I guess that was what happened to me, I had to go out for work several days, and only had the chance to pump late in the afternoon (dari pagi ok!), so my body thought that I didn’t need the milk. Unfortunately for us working moms, our bosses would totally freak out if we disappear every three hours for some booby time.

Eat the following:

  • Tempe (goreng, rebus, masak dengan sayur etc) – tried this, definitely worked, but I ate too much too long now the sight of tempe makes me sick
  • Lobak putih (soup)
  • Fenugreek – they have this fenugreek tea thingywhich works for a lot of people. I’m allergic to it, break out in rashes and get bad headache
  • Milk and cheese
  • Ulam pegaga – this worked for me but my baby got a bad case of gas and wind
  • Bubur kacang hijau – two thumbs up from me!!!
  • Dates
  • Oats
Get a massage
Ok I discovered this by accident. The husband took me for a spa session recently and I got a full body massage. The next day, when I pumped in the morning, I got 2 ounces more than what I usually get and that means a lot ok!! So I guess a good body massage will help with blood circulation and helps with better milk flow and production πŸ˜€

I think that’s about all I can share, hope it helps!


  1. just to share my experience jek πŸ˜€
    aku pon takde simpan stock yg sampai berbulan2 tu..bukan tak tak mampu..paling byk pernah simpan stock pon dalam 22 botol gitu kot..dalam 4-5 oz per botol..tu masa dalam umur alif less than 9months…after that mmg sangat struggle gak ala2 kais pagi makan pagi dah..

    same gak la dlu pon aku pernah beli sepeket susu..takut2 tak sampai skang tak bukak2..sbb tu untuk below 1 year old..owh..sekarang ni dah stop dah masa alif setahun sebulan aku introduce kat dier dah letih setahun mengepam..and it's hard to maintain the susu hanya dengan mengepam ni..alif mmg tak pernah direct feed..dier xmo..

    aku dlu minum soya everyday, minum air masak yang sangat byk gak everyday..makan fenugreek pills..rasanya agak membantu gak..and kalau rajin makan lobak putih..selalunya masak campur ngan sup ayam..tak pon wat masak black pepper..sedap..

  2. liyana, keep these tips coming!!! i love you!!! i am your biggest fan ever!!!

    hehee…but seriously i am going to come back here when it's time to feed my baby.

    i heart you lots and lots for being so murah dengan ilmu ibu.


  3. mawar : you're welcome mawar!! can't wait for you to join us soon!! πŸ˜‰

    mommy 3+1: and don't we just loooove them massages? hehehhe

    azima : omg! you are so blessed!! banyaknye susu you!!! takpe, segala yang berlaku adalah kehendak Allah…kan? πŸ™‚ and yes, do share your experiences!!

    glam.mama : wow!!! congrats to you too!!

    m@ri@ : keep on going maria!! you can do it!

    lmk : sawi masak lemak? oh yuummm, will try that, thanks!!

    two_one : your support is one of the reasons I can keep this up πŸ™‚

  4. i so understand about the merajuk part.. dulu masa dalam pantang siap on some bad days.. 1oz per day. imagine that. and i dont have stocks either. sumeorg suruh makan / minum ape.. sume i try la. but so far what worked for me is sawi masak lemak. yumyum. horlick used to work wonders.. now m kinda sick of it. hehe!

  5. Congrats on BFing this long! I'm still nursing my almost-3-year-old and my 13-month-old, so it can be done πŸ™‚ Now that I've started working part-time, I understand how challenging it is to get some time to pump at work. So I truly admire FTWMs who fully breastfeed!

    P.s: What a great excuse for me to get regular massages ;D

  6. hmmm…actually mase i dlm pantang i can pump up to 50oz per day…1st day keje kene breast engorged sbb x smpt pump..g hospital..doc kasi pill to stop milk production takut ader nanah…after 3 days makan ubat..milk production reduce to 40 0z per day…smpi kene beli la peti ais aiskrim kat umah just to store the milk..but then bile pregnant blk terus milk production reduce and 3 months back dah stop terus. But my stock can last up to 2 months itu pon sbb my niece minum for 1and half month.

    Now dah nak 1 bulan my son minum ENFALAC and he just 7 months old..lepas bersalin nih terus kene ambik ape yg patut to plan..huhuh..

    I should blog la about breast ade ke org nak bace??..sorry Raja meluahkan perasaan kat sini..sbb xle nak breastfeed anak dah..btw i kawan Azlynn..

  7. heeeee… congrats to u! alhamdulillah until now pun i'm still fully breastfed my adzryl. the feeling? blessed!! πŸ™‚ yeah.. same here babe. i'm on daily basis gak utk perah susu ni. stock in fridge/freezer dah abis. 12oz a day? wow. everyday i kene prepare at least 20oz ok. every bottle/pack mesti 4oz. tp slalunya ada 1 or 2 bottles yg extra x guna la. so i guna the next day. tapi kt office mmg sama la kita. kene perah at least 12oz jugak. must must, no excuse! mmg struggle kan fikir pasal susu ni… tp alhamdulillah so far masih bertahan. πŸ˜‰

    chaiyok2 to us.. i ada less than 3 months before my son hit 1 year! wahh dah 1 year BF? cam x caya jer.. hihihi.. take care babe! mark ur calendar for 4 July ya! u're sooo invited to my adzryl's 1st birthday! πŸ˜‰

    p.s. i makan fenugreek seed pills utk maintainkan milk. dulu i penah try pil asi. boleeee la… πŸ˜‰

  8. Well done, very good tips for me to pick up! Especially looking forward to the consume of milk, cheese, bubur kacang, tempe sambal and ooooo bestnyee go for massage πŸ˜‰ thanks twiggy!

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